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Gary A Pope

Professor, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering

Phone: +1 512 471 3235, +1 512 471 3161

Professor Gary A. Pope is the director of the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He holds the Texaco Centennial Chair in Petroleum Engineering, where he has taught since 1977. Previously he worked in production research at Shell Development Company for five years. Dr. Pope earned a Ph.D. from Rice University and a B.S. from Oklahoma State University, both in chemical engineering. His teaching and research are in the areas of enhanced oil recovery, reservoir engineering, natural gas engineering, reservoir simulation, characterization of reservoirs and aquifers with tracers, surfactants and water-soluble polymers, phase behavior and fluid properties, and groundwater modeling and remediation. Dr. Pope was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1999 for his contributions to understanding multi-phase flow and transport in porous media and applications of these principles to improved oil recovery and aquifer remediation.


Enhanced oil recovery; Reservoir engineering; Fluid flow in porous media; Numerical simulation; Phase behavior and fluid properties; Water soluble polymers; Surfactants; Surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation; Characterization of NAPLs in groundwater; Use of tracers for characterization of aquifers