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Henry T Hu

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Henry T. C. Hu, the Allan Shivers Chair in the Law of Banking and Finance at The University of Texas Law School, is interested in the law and economics of a wide variety of issues related to modern corporate and international finance. He has written on such matters as the use and regulation of "swaps" and other "derivatives", corporate governance, and mutual funds. The articles appeared in such places as the "Yale Law Journal " and the "Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. " On May 7, 1996, a new index derivative bearing the ticker symbol "HUI", in recognition of one of Professor Hu's articles, was introduced on the American Stock Exchange. Professor Hu teaches subjects such as corporate law and securities regulation. He has also taught these subjects at Harvard Law School, where he served as the Bruce W. Nichols Visiting Professor of Law for the 1997-98 academic year. He was elected to the American Law Institute in 1991, was elected to a year term as chair of the Association of American Law Schools' Business Associations Section in 1996, and testified before Congress on the near-collapse of the hedge fund Long Term Capital Management in 1998. In March 2000, he was appointed to the National Association of Securities Dealers' Legal Advisory Board and in January 2001, to NASD Regulation's e-Brokerage Committee. Professor Hu holds a B.S., M.A.(Economics), and J.D., all from Yale.


Law and economics of corporate and international finance; swaps; derivatives; securities; banking; corporate governance; hedge funds; mutual funds; new financial products and financial innovation; corporate hedging investment and risk management; business, economics & labor.