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Joshua G Gunn

Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies, College of Communication
Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric and Writing, College of Liberal Arts

Phone: +1 512 471 3933, +1 512 471 5251

Gunn (Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2002) conducts research at the intersection of rhetorical and cultural studies, currently in pursuit of two, interrelated projects: (1) the integration of psychoanalysis and rhetorical/textual theory; and (2) a demonstration of the relevance and ubiquity of theological forms in public culture and daily life. His latest published research has focused on the role of theological form, from the apocalyptic, occult, and paranormal to the mundane religiosity of the "theory wars" in the humanities. His teaching interests include courses in rhetorical theory and criticism, rhetoric and religion, and rhetoric and popular music. He has recently published a book, Modern Occult Rhetoric: Mass Media and the Drama of Secrecy in the Twentieth Century (2005) with the University of Alabama Press, and has also published in a variety of journals, including The Journal of Communication and Religion, Popular Music and Society, the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Telos, Text and Performance Quarterly, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and Visual Communication.


Celebrity, popular culture, popular music, popular fads and fashion, youth cultures, UFOs, alien abduction, exorcism, demonic possession, apocalypse, Halloween, folk religion, folklore, Satanism, occult and occultism, new age, cults, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, Freud, Jung, Lacan, scatology, ghosts, haunting, the paranormal, pseudo-science, gothic music, gothic subculture, horror film, popular television, cultural studies, rhetorical studies.