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Leo E Zonn

Professor, Department of Geography and the Environment, College of Liberal Arts

Phone: +1 512 232 1586, +1 512 471 5116

Zonn is interested in issues of geographic representation as they occur within
a variety of sites, from landscapes to popular media, but his special interest
is in terms of cinema. This curiosity has usually been within some of the more
classic frames of textual analysis, although more recently he has also become
especially interested in cinematic exhibition. As such he is concerned with
the complex network that frames the integration of technology, production,
audience, text, and the site of exposition into a place-based filmic
experience. This means that the drive-in, home screening room, traveling film
theater, portable DVD player, and the many standard forms of the movie
theater, as examples, provide geographic experiences worthy of consideration.
His overall research agenda is not informed by any one conceptual structure,
but instead draws from a rich and varied set of mostly social-theoretical
views, while even humanist influences can be found blended into the mix.


Representation and Media, Especially Cinema, Geographies of Popular Culture