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Ricardo C Ainslie

Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education

Phone: +1 512 471 0364, +1 512 471 4407

Ainslie currently is focusing on the study of psychoanalysis and cultural experience by examining topics such as the psychological experience of immigration, ethnic conflicts within communities and the relationship between individual and collective identity. Ainslie expresses an interest in gaining a "nuanced and textured understanding of human experience, one that brings us into closer proximity to the complex motivations that lie at the heart of what we do as individuals and as members of communities." Ainslie has worked at the intersection of psychology and culture for some time, and, as he describes it, his work tends to be deeply psychological rather than sociological in character. In his book "No Dancin' in Anson" he chronicles the experience of a West Texas community that was transformed by the civil rights era, having once been almost exclusively White (prior to 1965) and then finding itself with a population that was over a third Mexican-American. Most recently, he has studied the impact of the 1998 killing of James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper, Texas, on that community. Issues of race, community and identity also have been explored by Ainslie through documentary film and photographic exhibits. In his film "Crossover: A Story of Desegregation," he addresses issues of cultural conflict and transformation by examining the impact of school desegregation on the community of Hempstead, Texas. In collaboration with a documentary photographer Ainslie also developed a photographic exhibit describing the impact of the murder of James Byrd on Jasper, Texas. Ainslie has written books on how children fare in daycare settings and on the psychology of twinship as well. He teaches doctoral courses in contemporary psychoanalytic theories, projective testing and a practicum seminar, along with an undergraduate Liberal Arts Honors/Education Honors course titled "Life history and documentary approaches to inquiry." Please see Ainslie's website for descriptions of some of his major projects:


Psychoanalysis; psychology of twinship; psychology and culture; critical incidents in communities psychopathology; attachment