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Richard R Flores

Richard Flores
Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts
Director, UTeach-Liberal Arts, College of Liberal Arts
Professor, Center for Mexican American Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Phone: 512-471-9209

Richard Flores works in the areas of critical theory, performance studies, folklore, and historical-symbolic analysis. He is a native of San Antonio, Texas, and received his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1989. Prior to graduate school he worked in Houston and San Antonio where he was involved in founding and teaching in schools for undocumented Mexican children. Professor Flores is the author of "Los Pastores: History and Performance in the Mexican Shepherd?s Play of South Texas" (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1995), editor of Adina De Zavala?s, "History and Legends of the Alamo" (Arte Publico Press, 1996), and has published in American Ethnologist, Cultural Anthropology, The Journal of American Folklore, and a recent book chapter in "Latino Cultural Citizenship" published by Beacon Press. He is completing a book titled "Remembering the Alamo: Memory, Modernity, and the Master Symbol."


Cultural theory; anthropology of performance; folklore and expressive culture; Mexican American history and culture; Mexican American studies; critical theory; public history of the Alamo; race and ethnicity; critical race theory; cultural citizenship; cultural studies