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Robert A Dull

Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Science Institute, College of Natural Sciences

Phone: +1 512 585 1584

Dull researches decadal to millennial-scale changes in regional vegetation and climate, primarily in Central America and the western United States. Past research projects include: pre-Columbian Maya deforestation; the impacts of historical livestock grazing on mountain meadow vegetation in California; Holocene climatic variability; Neotropical savanna ecology; the emergence and spread of maize agriculture in Central America; the cultural and ecological impacts of the 6th century A.D. Ilopango volcanic eruption in southeastern Mesoamerica, and the environmental consequences of the Columbian Encounter. He has ongoing research projects in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico and Texas.


Paleoecology; environmental impacts of land use change; climate change; deforestation; fire history; natural hazards; geoarchaeology; Central America; the Holocene Epoch; the Anthropocene Epoch; global warming