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Ronen Avraham

Professor, School of Law

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Ronen was the Assistant Professor of Law at Northwestern University for the academic years 2003-7. He taught a course in Torts and co-lead the Law and Economics Colloquium. Prior to that Ronen served as Visiting Assistant Professor at Northwestern University for the academic year 2002-3 where he taught a course in Insurance Law and a seminar in Distributive Justice. Ronen served as the Visiting Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan Universities in the winter of 2002 where he instucted on Distributive Justice and Economic Analysis of Law. In the Fall of 2001 Ronen visited The University of Michigan Law School as a Lecturer. He co-taught (with Jim Krier) in Behavioral Econ and served as a lecturer(with Kyle Logue) in Distributive Justice in the Law in the Winter of 2001.

Ronen Avraham's primary research interests in 2009 are in economic analysis of torts and healthcare law. Specifically in the study of how liability reform can influence healthcare reform. In addition he writes about contract theory and theories of justice.


Torts, Tort Reform, Healthcare Reform, Insurance Law, Law and Economics