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Thomas G Schatz

Professor, Department of Radio-Television-Film, College of Communication

Phone: +1 512 232 5987

Schatz has written four books about Hollywood films and filmmaking. These include HOLLYWOOD GENRES, now widely considered the standard academic text on that subject; THE GENIUS OF THE SYSTEM, a highly acclaimed book about the "studio system" during Hollywood's so-called classical era; and most recently BOOM AND BUST: AMERICAN CINEMA IN THE 1940s. His writing on film has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and academic journals, including the New York Times, Premiere, The Nation, and Film Comment. Schatz also lectures widely both in the US and abroad on American film and television, and he has conducted seminars for academics and industry professionals in over a half-dozen European countries. He has lectured for the Motion Picture Academy and the Directors Guild; he has taught for the American Film Institute; and he currently lectures and serves on the Advisory Board of the Los Angeles Film School. In media production, Schatz has provided his expertise (and on-screen interviews) for many film and television documentaries -- including the recent PBS "American Cinema" series and the "American Masters" documentary on David O. Selznick and Alfred Hitchcock. In April 2000, Schatz began hosting 'Final Cut,' a weekly live Webcast featuring interviews with leading Hollywood directors, which appears on (Early guests included John Landis, William Friedkin, Martha Coolidge, and John Frankenheimer.)


Film and television history and criticism; media industry studies (history, economics, etc.); Hollywood studios and the ''studio system''; film genre