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Alex Banbury

Alex BanburyFor more than three years, Alex has served the university as a mechanical maintenance technician. Based in Zone 2, he repairs and maintains pumps and fans. And there is plenty of work to be done.

“In Zone 2 we deal with a lot of older buildings. We try to save UT dollars by keeping old equipment running,” Alex said. “Some days it’s job after job after job. When it happens, it really happens.”

Alex graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas with a music production degree. Before coming to UT, he was a union electrician. His primary work for more than 20 years was as a stage hand doing production for local shows ranging from Metallica, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney and Cher to the World Wrestling Federation. He became interested in stage work when he escorted John Cougar Mellencamp and Jesse Jackson at the first Farm Aid concert. Stage work has allowed him to see concerts and shows from behind the scenes and to interact with performers. Over time, his interest has moved into setting up electronics for events.

A native of San Marcos, Alex lives in Kyle with his wife and three children. He has been married 17 years, and his wife is pastor of a church. He supports her efforts, referring to himself as “First Man” of the church, and assists with a music ministry that includes a monthly coffee shop event with performers. Eventually, Alex hopes to live his dream of running his own coffee shop, with java, baked goodies and a stage for live music and poetry readings.

His older son is interested in acting and hopes to attend Julliard. Their daughter would like to attend Texas State University with the goal of teaching and coaching. The youngest, age eight, wants to attend A&M and become a vet. “He has hundreds of plastic animals. He likes to set them up like a scene from The Lion King,” Alex said with a wry smile.

Alex can see himself staying at UT and helping new employees. He believes it is important for newcomers to bring their skills and fresh perspective and use them to benefit the university. “Find yourself and be yourself. Don’t come in just to be an employee. Come in to be a family member, because family members work together.” 

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