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Andy Vasquez

Andy Vasquez

Whether at work or home, Andy Vasquez is a man who loves working with wood. An employee in the Furniture Shop for 11 years, he rips, strips, stains, canes and constructs parts. He has been doing many kinds of work with wood since junior high and says he gets tired but never bored.

At work, Andy deals with various people and cultures in the Furniture Shop and among customers. He makes a point of learning about the world by meeting and talking to individuals. He also appreciates that his workplace gives him time to think creatively, talk to customers about the project he is doing for them, and do a high quality job. Among other tasks, Andy does quite a bit of work on the furniture displayed in the Littlefield home. He is enthusiastic about working with those antiques, and is looking forward to some Littlefield pieces coming into the shop next week.

Woodwork is Andy’s hobby as well as his livelihood. He makes some items and refinishes antiques. Most often, he constructs miniature houses (retablos) to display saints or memorialize someone who is deceased. Andy builds three or four retablos each year and donates them to his hometown church in Uvalde for a fundraising auction. Each retablo is unique, with detailed carving; he is partial to carving angels. He has his own workshop at home, where he not only builds and carves, but also creates his own designs and patterns. Another pastime is camping--an opportunity to find special pieces of wood for carving, like cedar roots.

Andy has lived in the Austin area since the early 1960s. Currently, he lives in the country close to Taylor, in the Rice’s Crossing community. He shares his home with Bevo, an orange and white dog with a big appetite. Not surprisingly, Andy is a Longhorn fan. “Win or lose, I’m behind them,” he said.

His favorite place to eat in Taylor is the Taylor Café, where owner Vincel Mares has been making barbecue near the railroad tracks for over 50 years. At least half of the customers are Aggies, but Andy enjoys the barbecue anyway and occasionally assists Vincel with catering.

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