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Javier Hurtado-Lopez

Javier Hurtado-Lopez“I own my job. It is a matter of honor,” Javier Hurtado-Lopez says with dignity when asked about his work at J. J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC). As a Senior Landscape Technician, he single-handedly maintains the irrigation systems at PRC. Since beginning his work at UT in June 2008, Javier enjoys full support for his hard work.  Knowing that Javier is reliable and knowledgeable, his supervisor allows him to tackle projects on his own and at his pace.

He moved from California to Austin six years ago after visiting Texas on vacation. “I liked it so much I decided to stay,” he says with a grin. Texas allows him to be closer to his parents, who retired in Mexico.

What Javier likes best about his job are the people and benefits. He was attracted to UT after two years of working in Austin, and enjoys his work so much that he hopes to retire from the university. His dedication to his work is clear as he beams about his favorite job benefits—insurance, retirement, and training. “I enjoy the professional development classes because you can continue to grow, and some classes have food!” he laughs.

“Respect your supervisor and coworkers,” Javier advises. “Try to do a good job.” Wise words from a man who hasn’t been absent from work for over eight months. Javier lives his beliefs.

When not working, he enjoys playing basketball and being at home. He maintains the grounds at his house, too, and spends time helping his wife of 29 years, whom he met in Michoacán, Mexico. She has been working for UT Custodial Services on the night crew for about a year. Together, they have three grown children, all of whom live in Austin.

For the holidays Javier plans to travel to Mexico with his family to support his father, who is having surgery. Javier knows the company of relatives and close friends will help him enjoy his time there and provide loving support, too.

Irma Ureña and Sean Harkins contributed to this profile.

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