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Juan Mar Mendo

Juan Mar MendoOur very own Juan Mar Mendo received an Outstanding Staff Award from University President Powers in April.

Juan, a materials handler for the libraries on campus, was among 30 chosen and recognized for outstanding contributions to the university.

“I really care about the needs of the people that we give service to,” he said. “I do my job. I never complain, and I do what I have to do.”

Juan has worked for the university over the past 20 years and has developed great relationships with those working across the libraries. So much so, that he received ten nominations from head librarians and library assistants!

One librarian said, “When I think of a model employee at UT, someone who really steps up and makes what he does meaningful for himself and the people he works for, Mr. Mendo comes to mind immediately. He is a pleasure to work with, he brightens our days, and he is totally reliable.”

Others commented on how his “positive attitude is contagious,” his “exemplary service” and his “great sense of humor and good will.”

On his time at UT, Juan said it has been a wonderful place to work.

“When you do what you like, you do better. It’s how you conduct yourself. It’s in the way you respect others, they respect you,” he said.

Interview and photo by Maria Rivera, intern

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