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Kerry Landfield

photo of Kerry LandfieldKerry works in Event and Moving Services (E&MS) as a materials handler. He has worked for the university for over six years and met his wife, Michele, here. He says that working for E&MS is hard work, especially during the hot summer months, but still considers it “good exercise.”

Although he was born in Chicago, Kerry spent much of his childhood moving all over the world. His father worked for the State Department and was stationed in places such as Haiti, Paraguay, and Bolivia. The last place his father was stationed was the Ivory Coast, where Kerry decided to return to the States and join the Army. He served in Air Defense Intelligence at Fort Bliss in El Paso and in Army Air Defense Command at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida. He then went to Germany and toured the country.  Kerry says that he “never regretted joining the Army” because of the places he’s been and the assignments he’s had.

After his time in the Army, Kerry traveled the US with a friend. One of his stops was Austin, and he says “it didn’t take me long to realize I liked it here.” He has now lived in Austin for 31 years and says, “You couldn’t pay me to live anywhere else!” 

Kerry has been an extra in four movies, including Man of the House and The Ringer. He says after retirement he would like to continue with this because he would get paid a bit and be able to choose when to participate.

His urge to travel has followed him into adulthood. He and Michele take a cruise every two years or so, and their next adventure will be to somewhere in Central America. Kerry likes to spend his leisure time swimming at his home, and Michele always has a project for the two of them to work on. Right now the couple is designing a rock garden for their home, using white rocks for Bevo’s horns and red mulch for the steer’s face.  Hook ‘em!


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