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Michael Williamson


Mike WilliamsonNew York native Mike Williamson is living proof that upward mobility is possible in Facilities Services.  Mike joined the Custodial Services staff in April 2011 as a building attendant II.  His experience, abilities, and work ethic were quickly noted, and he was promoted to assistant crew leader.  Now, he is the night shift crew leader, supervising custodial employees who clean the Facilities Complex, Computational Resource Building, Printing and Press Building, and the Comal Child Development Center.

Mike joined the Facilities Services staff after working at St. Edwards for two years.  He was drawn to UT by the university’s reputation, what he heard about Custodial Services’ diversity and management, and the opportunity he would have to work his way into a supervising role.  “It’s a nice atmosphere here; it really feels like a family,” Mike says of Facilities Services.  He likes collaborating with his manager, Andy Yanez, and implementing the ideas they come up with for Custodial staff.

At full staff, Mike’s team consists of ten to twelve people, including two veterans of Custodial.  He strives to have a top-notch crew and works toward this goal by focusing on team building: “What one person doesn’t know, someone else might,” he explains.  “It’s good to be able to get one another’s feedback” to help improve the work his team does.  He also gets to know each individual and assigns him or her to the buildings that are the best fit for that person.

Mike left Syracuse in 2009, and experienced both record-breaking temperatures and an incredible drought during his first few summers in Austin.  However, he loves it here and has no intention of leaving the area.  Mike now lives in Kyle with his wife, five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter, and three dogs.

In his free time, Mike frequents the Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, which hosts stock car races two Saturdays out of the month.  Mike does not race, but he is director of safety for Thunderhill.  He takes his kids with him and they race their bikes around.  Mike’s 15-year-old stepson even works with him on the safety crew.  He enjoys spending time there for its family-friendly atmosphere.

Article by Katherine Kahlke and Laurie Lentz

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