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Milton Roberson


photo of Milton RobersonA native of Bastrop, Milton lived there through his teen years, during which time he worked for a local moving company. Fresh out of high school, he wanted a new job. Always a Longhorns fan, he decided to apply for a position at the university and was hired on the spot. He says he likes working here because of the job security and benefits the university provides. He also really enjoys being a part of the campus atmosphere.

For 12 years now, Milton has worked for the university as a solid waste worker in the Recycling and Sustainability branch of Support Services. He drives the trucks as he and his crew mates go around campus collecting the garbage and recycling. Milton has built some great relationships during his time with the university. Coworkers often refer to him as “Junior,” and Associate Director Bridget Blizzard even gave Milton the nickname “Mittens” after he gave her a pair of bright red gloves as a gift.

After working for the university for a few years, he decided to get out of the country and move to Austin, resulting in a much easier commute for the 5 a.m. start to his workdays. When not at work, he likes to spend his free time playing video games and sports with friends. Also, as an avid Longhorns fan, he enjoys attending UT sporting events when he can find the time.

Milton certainly had a memorable start to his career at the university. During his first day on the job, he was riding around on one of the older model waste trucks.  At one point, his pant leg got caught in a chain connected to the truck, and, as the truck drove away, Milton’s pants ripped. “I had to spend my first day of work with no britches!” he says, laughing.

Article and photo by Katherine Kahlke

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