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Olga Kobasic

Olga KobasicEarlier this year, Olga and her husband took a hike—a real hike 1,200 feet into the Grand Canyon and back. “The descent was easy, but the climb was a little tough,” she said with a wry smile. Olga and her husband enjoy the outdoors and are especially drawn to southern Colorado because of the distinct seasons and the slower pace of the small towns. She loves winter there and would like to learn to ski.

Back home in Austin, she and her husband are involved as assistant directors in the singles ministry of their church, planning and leading activities. Together, they teach a Sunday school class for singles ages 25 to 35, and they understand the needs and concerns of the group. “We’re not in the business of matchmaking, but we get to give lots of support,” she noted. She also participates in her church by singing alto in the choir.

At work, Olga is an administrative assistant in the training branch of Administrative & Personnel Services. She began her UT career as a receptionist on the second floor of FC1 ten years ago and moved to her current position two years later. Asked what she likes about her work, Olga said she most enjoys interacting with internal and external customers and getting them the information they need. “It’s really important that they feel comfortable coming to me to ask for help and that they get what they need to get their job done.”

Her advice to new employees is to “be the best employee in your job that you can be. Always aspire to do more than you think you can handle. If you push yourself a bit, you’ll find you can do more, and people will notice.” 

She also advises to keep learning. “Don’t be afraid to learn more and ask for help.” Her own goal is to attain the Certified Administrative Professional rating, the industry standard for proficiency in office practices, procedures, and technology.

Olga extends her ethic of helping others beyond work and church. She volunteers several times a year at the Capital Area Food Bank. “People’s circumstances are not always of their choosing,” she said, and she likes the idea of giving back to the community by helping people in need.

When she pauses to relax, Olga likes to read and knit. At the moment, she’s working on knitting a hat. She just might get to wear it on her next wintery outdoor adventure: a trip to Red River, New Mexico in February.

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