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Tandi Certa

photo of Tandi CertaAn accounting technician for the Projects division of Business Services, Tandi has been with UT for nearly two years. Her responsibilities include processing funding requests, contracts, and payments for Facilities-related projects. Another major aspect of the job includes reconciling and closing out each process, as well as lapsing any remaining funds.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University in psychology, with a minor in business administration, Tandi returned to her hometown of Huntsville, Texas, and earned her MBA from Sam Houston State University in 2005. Naturally, coworkers kid with her all the time about being an Aggie, but “it’s all in fun,” she says. Tandi has even found a group of Aggie supporters within Facilities Services, and they have formed their “own little family.”

After moving to Austin in 2007, she spent two years in residential real estate but decided she wanted to change to a more stable and consistent job, one with a guaranteed paycheck at the end of each month. Friends pointed her to UT. Tandi says that she loves it here because everyone is so friendly, helpful, and encouraging.

Tandi currently participates in the Leadership Development Program, attending courses designed to improve leadership skills in various areas, both professional and personal. She will graduate from the program this coming fall. She views the program as just one example of UT’s continuous drive toward improvement, a characteristic that Tandi admires in the university.

But, “life is all about balance,” Tandi says, and with her many interests, she has no trouble balancing work and play. She enjoys watching college football, listening to live music, being on the water, and, above all else, spending time with her family and friends. Luckily, Tandi’s twin sister, Brandi, lives only an hour away in Temple with her husband and children. Tandi likes their proximity because she is “just a hop, skip, and a jump away” – close enough that she can go up anytime and get her family fix.

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