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Quality Assurance & Process Improvement Strategic Plan

Strategic Objectives and Goals 2012 -2015

  1. Assist Facilities Services sections in their efforts to reduce cost and increase quality of service through the establishment of a well-defined QAPI Program.
    1. Support Facilities Services process improvement projects.
    2. Map current processes.
    3. Identify metrics already in place and create metrics where needed.
  2. Educate and empower the Facilities Services community.
    1. Create and implement an Education Plan.
      1. Share vision and mission of QAPI with Facilities Services community.
      2. Educate teams and facilitate on use of tools (how to identify and implement process improvements)
      3. Create a "How to Guide" tool set for implementation teams
    2. Evaluate change in behavior and incorporate changes as necessary.
  3. Provide clarity and purpose to engage the Facilities Services community in a culture of growth, achievement, collaboration, innovation, and ownership.

    a. Create and implement a Communication Plan.

QAPI Quality Plan 2012-2015

The QAPI Plan supports the strategic plan and direction of Facilities Services. The QAPI Plan guides the program's tactical objectives to provide opportunities promoting growth, achievement, collaboration, and ownership. See the QAPI Quality Plan for additional information.