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Quality Assurance & Process Improvement Projects

Current Projects

Facilities Service SOP Catalog

QAPI is in the process of creating a matrix to catalog all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Standard Operating Instructions (SOIs), Desk Instructions (DIs), and templates in use within Facilities Services. The purpose of the SOP Catalog is to identify what is currently documented and which areas still need to be documented. We will also set up a system to house all of the documents, which will allow Facilities Services personnel to access instructions for specific processes. QAPI will be using the Meridian system to track and house these documents.

Support Services Locks and Keys

QAPI is currently assisting Locks and Keys in flowcharting, documenting, and evaluating their processes. One of the areas we are concentrating on is the tracking system in order to determine the requirements for a new system.


Custodial Services

QAPI is assisting the administrative team in reviewing their processes. We will work with the team to create flowcharts and SOIs/DIs, which will help in evaluating and improving processes.

Past Projects

Recruitment Process Improvement Team

QAPI assisted the Personnel Services group in evaluating and streamlining their recruitment process. The purpose of the team was to improve service to their customers by decreasing the total time it took to submit a "request to post" to the time it posts. Deliverables for the team included an improved process, an implementation plan, metrics, a customer survey to measure customer satisfaction, a written procedure (DI) for the new process, and a method to cross-train. The team assisted in the creation of a training manual and a cross-training plan, improvements to the submittal process including an e-mail template, and a Wiki Resource page. The Wiki page created a place for customers to get answers to their questions, located needed resources, and educate and inform the Facilities Services community. It will be utilized until a formal web presence is established for the Business and Financial Services Department to which Personnel Services belongs.

Facilities Service Center

QAPI assisted the Facilities Service Center by mapping the processes used by Events, Landscaping,the five Zones, and Custodial Services. The flowcharts were used to help evaluate how services would be routed within the new Service Center to minimize customer impact during the transition and center start-up. Flowcharting allowed a detailed look at the order and interaction of activities and decisions for processes.

TracDat (Strategic Planning Tool)

The Facilities Services Strategic Core Team asked QAPI to investigate and find a method that would allow all of the Facilities Services functions to track and record their strategic goals and objectives metrics in one system. QAPI found TracDat, a tool already used within the UT System. TracDat was used only as an assessment tool within the Provost Office, but a new function to track, manage, and analyze strategic goals was added to the in March 2012. A web application, TracDat is a robust and flexible way to track objectives and outcomes. It will be used within Facilities Services to track the strategic goals and objectives for FY 2012-2013. Check back for continued updates. For questions, contact QAPI at 232-4431. See how the Provost Office uses TracDat.

Support Services: Inventory Software for Events & Moving Services (EMS)

In response to the challenge from University President Bill Powers' Technology Initiative, QAPI researched options to incorporate a real-time inventory tracking system for EMS, as well as a scheduling and dispatching tool. The inventory software will allow EMS to track inventory real-time and to schedule and dispatch crews more efficiently, increasing productivity and customer service. The software, Intellivent, is currently being procured and will be implemented in FY 2012-2013. Check back for updates.

Engineering & Technical Support

QAPI assisted Engineering & Technical Support in documenting the Maintenance Contract process. Process maps of the maintenance contracts, equipment IDs, and FAMIS maintenance setup, as well as routes for maintenance activities, were mapped to ensure a high level of understanding of the entire process.

Requesting Assistance for Your Project

If you have a process improvement project with which you would like help, please contact QAPI by phone at 232-4431, or by email at