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Process Improvement Team

“Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.”
 — Unknown

What Is a Process Improvement Team?

A process improvement team involves individuals who have experience and knowlege of a process as well as an understanding of the problem(s) involved. They have a stake in the process and in finding a permanent and sustainable solution.

Teams can be as small as two people; however, they are generally larger to ensure a compatible combination of experience, knowledge, and skills is included. Team members work together to accomplish the team's goals and objectives.

Management responsibilities

Management will select the team leader. In conjunction with the leader, management will also select team members, determine team goals and objectives, provide resources, allocate time for team activities, and monitor team activities.

Team member responsibilities

As a team member, you have a unique opportunity to influence and improve your work area. By attending, participating in, and contributing to all team meetings and activities you ensure the success of the team with implementation of a quality and sustainable solution.

Team resources

For additional resources about teams, visit MindTools "Team Management Skills."

These documents are also available for reference: