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Access Cards

How to request access cards:

To get an access card for a room or building on campus, have your department submit an access card request form to Lock and Key Services via campus mail or a departmental runner. The access card request must contain the following information:

Before requesting an access card you may want to check with Human Resource Services or the Office of the Registrar to make sure your appointment or registration is showing in our records. If it is not showing, your department must submit a letter of justification to our office explaining why you need an access card.

How to pick up access cards:

To pick up your access card, bring a photo ID to the Lock and Key Services Office during business hours. You may check to see if your access card is ready to be picked up by calling 512-471-8640.

How to get replacement access cards:

Access Card Replacement Costs:

We replace inoperable cards free of charge, but there is a fee of $3 (payable only in cash) to replace any lost, stolen or damaged cards.

How to return access cards:

You may return access cards in person to the Lock and Key Services Office or through campus or U.S. mail.

To return an access card in person bring it to the service counter of the Lock and Key Services office during business hours, and a representative will help you.

Or you may s end your access card via campus or U.S. mail to:
The University of Texas at Austin
Lock and Key Services
1 University Station H7025
Austin, TX 78712.

Remember to include your name and EID with the card you are returning.

If you are on the Pickle Research Campus. . .

Call 512-471-3600 with all access-card-related questions.

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