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Heating and Cooling

How To

Requesting heating/cooling repair/maintenance services

You may request service online at any time through WORQS. You can check the status of your request on WORQS by reading the "Requestor Profile" page. You have the option to request service by completing the SR10 service request form (pdf) and faxing to 512-471-8788, or you may call the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020.

Requesting heating/cooling system installation or renovation

Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS) handles heating/cooling system installation and renovation projects. Visit the PMCS Service Request web page for information on requesting services.

On the J.J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC), you can request heating and cooling system installations or renovations by completing the PRC SR10 Service Request Form (pdf).


We provide campus-wide services for heating and cooling, including repairs and preventive maintenance. We strive to maintain comfortable temperature ranges of 68 degrees or above during heating season and 78 degrees or below during cooling season.

If you think the temperature of your building space is outside the target range for the season, request heating/cooling services as described at the right. We may install a small device to record temperatures in your area for about 48 hours to help us assess the way temperatures rise and fall in your space.

NEW! Building Optimization

Facilities Maintenance has formed a Building Optimization Team to restore buildings' heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to operate in accordance with their original design. Visit the Building Optimization web page to learn more.

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