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Repairs and Maintenance

How To

How to request repair and maintenance service

You may request service online through WORQS, or by completing the Service Request Form SR10 (PDF), or you may call the Facilities Service Center at 512-471-2020, Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. if you need to speak to someone about your service.

On the J. J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC): You may call request service online through WORQS or call 512-471-3600.

Building Optimization

Facilities Operations and Maintenance has formed a Building Optimization Team to restore buildings' HVAC systems to operate in accordance with their original design. Visit the Building Optimization web page to learn more.

New! Arc Flash Analysis Program

The Arc Flash Analysis Program (AFAP) is our resource for maintaining electrical safety parameters at UT. Learn more about the AFAP, including:

For an overview of the AFAP and detailed guidelines, see the new AFAP webpage.

For questions about our program or methodology, please contact Electrical Engineer Darnell Mack.


Safety: Stay on TRAC!

Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FOM) teams make safety an integral part of their work every day, and we communicate these key messages on a regular basis to our staff to stay on the safety TRAC:

Work-related incidents can occur in any work environment. But staying on TRAC helps us improve safe work conditions and reduce the number of annual incidents. We collect and review the data on incidents in order to make safety improvements. Our latest Work-Related Incidents Report for our division reveals that the number of incidents has been trending downward for our division.

FOM Connection Newsletter Via the Web

Access the latest issue of the FOM Connection (formerly FM Connection) monthly newsletter here. Learn more about this dynamic division's efforts and people each month:

March 2014 edition
January/February 2014 edition
December 2013 edition
November 2013 edition
October 2013 edition

September 2013 edition

Repair & Maintenance Services

If you see something that needs repair in a university building, we're here to help. Our repair and maintenance services include:

Facilities Operations and Maintenance promotes sustainability by safe disposal or recycling of these and other potential contaminants: fluorescent lights, batteries, paint and more.


LED Light Fixture Project: Life Cycle Cost and Break-even Analysis

The “2020 Vision” to reduce energy costs by 20 percent by the year 2020 calls for the Energy & Resource Conservation (E&RC) branch of Facilities Operations and Maintenance to look for ways to reduce energy demands across campus, including from lighting sources. One of the emerging lighting technologies that facilities organizations are looking at are LEDs. Recently a team from E&RC developed a lighting demonstration/analysis in a controlled environment—a facilities conference room they had easy access to with minimal disruption to our customers. Read about this demonstration project.

Thermography in Predictive Maintenance

Our maintenance teams use thermography on electrical, heating and cooling, and plumbing systems to find and fix concerns before they become a problem.

What Our Customers Say

Great response and spotted the problem right away. great job!
--Battle Hall customer

Always a pleasure with Roger [Kile]. Always great customer service overall - thank you!
--Sid Richardson Hall customer

Maintenance personnel came fairly quick and fixed the issue immediately and told me what they did. Great Customer Service!!
--Facilities Complex Building 8 customer

Very good communication and friendly service.
--W. R. Woolrich Laboratories customer

Thanks for all you do. I could not do my job without your support!
--North End Zone customer

LAC always receives timely and efficient service from our Zone guys. Thanks!
--Lake Austin Center customer

Charles [Dinning], carpenter for Zone 4, is our go to guy. He is always professional and courteous and very good to work with. I strongly think that Charles would make an outstanding Zone Supervisor and this should be noted in his evaluation. Thank you.
--McCombs School of Business customer

Roger [Kile] took care of all issues. Didn't take him any time at all.
--Facilities Complex Building 3 customer

You guys rock!
--University Teaching Center customer

Bruce [Chatmon] came to the center early in the mornings before the children got here in order to clean the vents so it would not happen again. He is amazing.
--Child Development Center customer

The guys who did the work were courteous and friendly, and they took the time to fix it such that it seems unlikely to happen again.
--Robert Lee Moore Hall customer

The response to my work request was immediate, Dennis' [Bailey] arrival was quick and professional, and the issue, which had the potential for causing bodily harm, was quickly resolved. Thank you to all.
--George I. Sánchez Building customer

We were told what to expect and what to watch for in the event we have the same issue arise. Thanks for the great service!
--Facilities Complex Building 6 customer

I heard that Josh [Young] was very friendly, patient and did a very good job. I know Josh is always this way so it came as no surprise to me!
--Development Office Building customer

If there's a way to say this without sounding rude, I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes when things go wrong they take a while to fix - not specifically your dept., just in general - but in this case, they came the next day and fixed it. The person who took the call was very nice too. It was a very positive experience start to finish. Thank you!
--Engineering Teaching Center II customer

Our Facilities folks are always superbly pleasant and efficient. Thanks so much!
--F. Loren Winship Drama Building customer

The customer support for our issue on the 4th floor was stellar. Quick, efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable assistance. So grateful to these folks who keep our work environments fully functioning, often doing so at a moment's notice.
--Garrison Hall customer

Denzel [Stratton] always does quality work; is ingenious in his solutions and very pleasant to work with. Thank you to Denzel.
--Child Development Center customer

It was noted on the work order this was an electrical shock hazard and guys were out here quickly and resolved the hazard that same afternoon, within ours in not within the hour. Very quick response and appreciated.
--T. S. Painter Hall customer

I especially appreciated the phone call from the window blind installer to alert me that it had been installed. Very thoughtful! THANKS for your excellent work.
--Sid Richardson Hall customer

The two gentlemen that usually service our office are wonderful. They are friendly, efficient and very nice.
--Main Building customer

The technicians were very professional.
--Dorothy L. Gebauer Building customer

This was one of three such leaks, all of which were fixed quickly during intercession. We appreciate the fast response to these.
--Goldsmith Hall customer

Thank you for checking this out. a strong odor of gas was detected by one of our professors and the guys who worked on this did a great job on checking out all the possibilities and getting back to me.
--Speedway Garage customer

Employee who did the work was very friendly. I appreciated the fact that she started the job before I even got to work.
--Pharmacy Building customer

I have only had the opportunity to submit a few work orders, but each time I called someone handled our needs quickly and efficiently. I appreciate the department addressing our needs!
--School of Social Work customer

The work was done diligently and the issue was resolved.
--Peter T. Flawn Academic Center customer

As always, John [Fisher] came through like a champ. We get such good service from the electricians - please don't let any of them get away!
--Main Building customer

Denzel [Stratton] always reconciles our door issues with good humor and smart skills - thank you!
--North End Zone customer

I always get excellent service from Zone 1. Tim Elledge and Albert Vela took care of this issue and as always, they exceed expectations. Great job.
--T. S. Painter Hall customer

Mike Beeth is a pleasure to work with!
--Gregory Gymnasium customer

This was my first request to send in to the service center, and I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly the issue was resolved. The work that you do is greatly needed and greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!
--Music Building East and Music Building/Recital Hall customer

Very helpful in assessing the situation and making sure the HVAC and thermostat was working properly.
--Development Office Building customer

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