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Surplus Property

How To

How To Request Pick-Up of Surplus Items on Main Campus and PRC

For surplus items that don't have an inventory number (most furniture, office supplies, keyboards, and cables), send a fax to 512-471-8499. You can also request pickup by emailing us at

Items tagged with an inventory number: Request pickup online through the Capitalized and Controlled Asset Removal and Transfer (CCART) system (UT EID required). When creating a CCART for items going to Surplus, please provide in the "Comments" or "Notes" section of the document an exact location of the items and a contact person to arrange pick up.

Computers: You must erase the hard drive before pickup and note this under "Special Handling Required" in the CCART online system.

Media destruction services, including erasing hard drives, is offered free of charge on campus. In addition to protecting sensitive data, this service results in a completely recyclable series of byproducts. Contact the Media Destruction Service for details.

We collect things you aren't using anymore, such as furniture and computers, and find them a new home or dispose of them.

We offer the following surplus property services:

Getting surplus items to use in your office/classroom:

Contact us at to learn about obtaining surplus items to use in your office or classroom.

Sending lab equipment to Surplus Property:

All vacuum pumps must be drained of oil before pickup; otherwise Surplus Property is not authorized to receive them. Certain lab equipment such as refrigerators (see section below), fume hoods, lab ovens or x-ray related equipment must be cleared before Surplus Property is authorized to receive it. To obtain clearance, fill out the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form (pdf). For further assistance, contact Rachel Lebansky at 512-471-2031.

Sending refrigerated equipment to Surplus Property

Surplus Property will not pick up or receive refrigerated units (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.) until the freon and oil have been removed. To have freon and oil removed from refrigerated equipment, submit a Service Request Form (SR10) or call your zone shop. If you don't know the maintenance zone for your building, please see our Building Information page.

Surplus Property location:

J.J. Pickle Research Campus (10100 Burnet Road)
Building 45, Room 2
Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Hours for viewing and selecting items:

Surplus Property Promotes Sustainability

Recycling property frees valuable space and eliminates depreciation of unused items.

Facilities Services Support Services collects used pallets to support Surplus Property functions and avoid the purchase of new pallets. 

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