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CPFM Showcase

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Watch the 2014 CPFM Showcase video!

CPFM Showcase 2014 Program Schedule (pdf)

Note: PP3152 UT Architectural Walking Tour has been canceled.

CPFM Showcase 2014 Registration

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Showcase Raffle Prizes (pdf)

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CPFM Departments

Sponsorship Opportunities

Almost 500 UT Campus Planning and Facilities Management employees attend the annual CPFM Showcase event. We are offering sponsorship opportunities, including door prizes, refreshments, speaker gifts, volunteer t-shirts, volunteer luncheon, and event marketing.

Sponsor names/logos will be displayed on a poster at the conference, in a conference slide show, and on this web page. For more information, please contact CPFM Showcase Coordinator, Miriam Fairchild, 512-475-9778.

Main building gatesThe 2014 Campus Planning & Facilities Management (CPFM) Showcase is an annual opportunity for our employees to learn from and about one another. This event provides peer-to-peer education and information about the roles and activities of CPFM departments. It creates greater awareness and understanding of how CPFM employees support the learning, research, and public service efforts of the university. The event allows employees to demonstrate how skills used in the workplace can be applied at home. In addition, the Showcase offers sessions that promote personal growth as well as professional development.

When & Where

Day and evening staff members can attend the event, which will be held on July 17, 2014.

Showcase courses are taking place at the University Teaching Center (UTC). Participants can also take tours of special features of the Main Campus.

Registration Is OPEN!

Employees may attend some or all of the conference, as agreed upon with their supervisor. Attendees receive training credit.

Click here to register!

If you have questions about registration, contact any of the CPFM Showcase 2014 committee members.

Transportation & Dining Options

Click on the link to see a map of convenient options and locations for dining and transportation. A final version of the map is coming soon. Note: The bus icons on the map are interactive; click on a bus to route schedule.

Planning Committee

Contact any of these 2014 CPFM Showcase Planning Committee members for information about the event or assistance with registration. Committee members with an asterisk (*) by their names can provide information and assistance in Spanish as well as English.

* Miriam Fairchild, Chair, Facilities Services, 475-9778 Bridget Lawrence, Business & Financial Services-Utilities, 471-4646
Peggy Duett, Facilities Services, 471-9877 Laurie Lentz, Business & Financial Services, 471-2273
Debrah Fields, Business & Financial Services, 471-3871 Constance Meyer, Facilities Services, 471-1570
Laura Illanes, Facilities Services, 471-3480 * Isidora Sanchez, Utilities & Energy Management, 471-2918
Michael Harrell, Project Management & Construction Services, 232-5993 Allison Williams, Business & Financial Services, 471-1290
* Olga Kobasic, Facilities Services, 232-8449  

CPFM Showcase 2014 Planning Committee

Back row, from left: Laura Illanes, Constance Meyer, Laurie Lentz, Peggy Duett, Allison Williams. Front row, from left: Olga Kobasic, Bridget Lawrence, Isidora Sanchez, and Miriam Fairchild. Not pictured: Debrah Fields and Michael Harrell