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Fire Safety

In the event of a fire it is important for you to remain calm, put safety first, and call 9-1-1. You should always know multiple exit routes and the location of fire alarm pull stations where you work, and you should only attempt to fight a fire with an extinguisher if the fire is small and you are trained in fire extinguisher use.

For more information about fire safety, portable fire extinguisher training and evacuation training, visit the Fire Prevention Services website. To learn about fire safety as it relates to Facilities Services and Project Management and Construction Services employees, check out information about the Facilities Complex fire alarms and our fire wardens.

Facilities Complex Fire Alarms

The fire alarm systems in the Facilities Complex buildings can be activated by the following: smoke, heat, activation of sprinklers, and pulling of the fire alarm activator at a pull station. If one alarm is activated, all the alarms in the entire building will be activated, the lights and horns mounted on the walls will activate, and the UTPD dispatch center will be automatically notified.

Fire Wardens

Every Facilities Services and Project Management & Construction Services building or shop in the Facilities Complex, at the J. J. Pickle Research Campus, and the Main Campus has a fire warden who is responsible for evacuation and security in the event of alarm activation or emergency. Each building or shop also has a deputy warden who performs the fire warden duties when the warden is away from the area. View a list of the fire wardens and deputy fire wardens for each location.