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NEW! Safety Suggestion Form Available OnlineAt the recommendation of the Safety Council, the Safety Suggestion Form is now available online (pdf).

Our Safety Council explores the safety issues that face the Facilities Services, Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS), and Technology Resources (TRecs) workforce, and acts as an advisory committee for the directors of these departments. After the council considers legitimate safety and occupational health concerns, they forward them to the directors of Facilities Services, PMCS, and TRecs with recommendations for resolution.

The safety council meets on the first Wednesday of every month. To learn more about the council, you can read the Safety Council meeting minutes, or contact one of our members.

Safety Council Members

Safety Council representatives serve two-year terms, from January to December. Representatives welcome you to contact them with safety concerns or questions.

Day Safety Council Organizational Chart

Day Safety Council Group Photo

Night Safety Council Organizational Chart

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Standard Operating Procedure

The Safety Council SOP provides additional information on the roles, responsibilities, and function of the Council.