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What’s UT’s Energy & Water Conservation (E&WC) Program All About?

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What Starts Here Changes the World. It's not just a slogan to us. It's about developing ways to conserve energy and water at The University of Texas at Austin that are sustainable, and then turning those ideas into action. It comes from the students who make our campus-wide efforts rock, the faculty whose years of research and commitment to energy conservation inspires us, and it comes from the staff who are often the eyes and ears of our program... and sometimes even our pilots.

When the President's Sustainability Steering Committee gave the charge to reduce both energy and water use by 20 percent by the year 2020, we took that charge. We've made and continue to make our buildings more energy efficient. And again on January 29, 2013, when President Powers reported the recommendations from the university's Committee on Business Productivity, he stated:

The Committee also recommends that we invest even more in conserving energy. We have already made a lot of progress. We have cut our per square foot energy use nearly in half in the past 15 years. But we can save even more.

We're heeding the call to improve the way we use our energy and water resources, and with your help, we can meet--and exceed--our conservation goals. We can even help you do the same at home!

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How Do We Conserve Energy and Water at UT?

We actively conserve energy and water at the university in two main ways:

  1. Technical efforts (we handle this part)
  2. Campus engagement (you can be involved in this part)

Find out more:

Technical Efforts

Our technical efforts are complex, but in general they involve programming and ensuring that the environmental conditioning systems inside your building are performing as efficiently as possible. We do this by working with our energy engineers on our team and other technical experts within our division, such as Engineering & Technical Support and Zone Maintenance. We also work with the experts at Utilities and Energy Management, who produce the energy for the university from our power plants. Together, we are making strides in energy efficiency—for optimal conservation of our energy and water resources. Teams of specialists in building optimization carry out the energy conservation assessments of our buildings and make the necessary repairs and adjustments, also referred to as energy conservation measures (ECMs). Once the optimization teams complete the necessary measures, we check the meters to see how the results of the ECMs affected the optimized buildings, or just how much energy is being conserved.

LLO Results for October 2014Campus Engagement

Our engagement efforts depend on campus-wide participation, including you, in several areas:

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E&WC Initiatives & Outreach

The Energy and Water Conservation (E&WC) Program has developed specific efforts in different areas of energy and water conservation:

 Green Labs LogoWe're partnering with Green Labs for our Horns Up, Sash Down and Ultra-Low Freezer Loaner Program.

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Energy Conservation Scorecard Chart

UT’s Energy Conservation Scorecard and Executive Report

In What's the Energy & Water Conservation (E&WC) Program at UT All About? we describe the university's goal to reduce our energy and water use by 20 percent each by the year 2020. We also shared the directive from the university’s president to save even more than we have before. 

We are confident, with your help, we can meet the goal for 2020—even surpass it. So where are we at in meeting the goal so far? Thanks to all our efforts, we are well on our way! Take a look at the Energy Scorecard in the chart on the right or in this downloadable PDF of the chart.

Our Executive Report provides a more detailed look at how our program is doing:

EWC Executive Overview: Report of Energy Avoidance (September 1, 2013 - May 31, 2014)

For more information about this report, please contact us. We welcome your feedback, comments, questions or suggestions.

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Energy and Water Conservation Tips for Campus, Labs, and Homes

Get tips to conserve energy and water--whether you're on campus, in a laboratory, or at home. You can make a difference, wherever you are!

For more information or to share your ideas, contact

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Energy & Water Conservation (E&WC) Program Contacts

Group Photo of the Energy & Water Conservation Team


Click or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!



Phone: (512) 232-4414




Seated, from left: Amanda Berens, Energy Engineer; Ana Thiemer, Program Manager; Meagan Jones, Energy Steward; and Grace Hsieh, Energy Steward.

Standing, from left: Ryan Reid, Energy Engineer; Matt Stevens, Energy Steward; Bob Gianfagna, Energy Engineer; Pat Mazur, Technical Staff Associate; and Stephanie Perrone, Project Manager.



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Sustainability Partners

We are pleased to partner with the following organizations to save energy and water at The University of Texas at Austin:

Click on the logo graphic to go to a partner's website.

Green Labs logo Office of Sustainability