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Renewable Energy Projects

The University of Texas at Austin is exploring many aspects of sustainable energy for the campus, from production to usage. Renewable energy is one facet of this exploration, and it holds promise not only for energy and cost savings, but also for a reduced carbon footprint and future research. This site spotlights renewable energy innovations currently under way at the university.


Norman Hackerman Building (NHB) Solar Hot Water Array

photo of solar array on the roof of NHB

NHB, located at 24th Street and Speedway on the UT Austin campus, has a roof top solar hot water array consisting of 185 solar panels. The panels contribute a portion of the building’s heating needs, which include primary outside air preheating in winter and reheating after dehumidification in summer.

The solar contribution allows NHB to reduce the amount of heat needed from the traditional UT Central Utilities steam distribution system, thereby saving natural gas, steam generation, and steam distribution costs.

See real-time and historical energy savings from the NHB Solar Hot Water system*


J. J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC) Solar Photovoltaic Arrays

photo of solar array field at PRC

The university’s PRC campus, located in Austin at Burnet Road and Braker Lane, has two solar voltaic arrays that contribute to a portion of the campus’ electrical needs and offer opportunities for research and teaching.

One array is located in a field near the Microelectronics & Engineering Research Center (MER) building and the other on a covered parking roof near the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) building. The arrays provide some electrical demand savings that reduce PRC’s consumption charges from Austin Energy.

See real time and historical energy savings from the BEG Solar Photovoltaic system*

See real time and historical energy savings from the MER Solar Photovoltaic system*


*external site; page will open in a new browser window/tab


Other UT Renewable Energy Projects will be available here in the future.