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P.O. Box 7816, Austin, TX 78713-7816
Campus Address: WMB 2.102, F9500
Physical Address (per US Postal Service):
The University of Texas at Austin
General Faculty
306 Inner Campus Drive, Stop F9500
Austin, TX 78712-1135
Hillary Hart , Secretary to the General Faculty
(512) 471-5934
Handbook of Operating Procedures
* Faculty Council, HOP 2-1110
* By-Laws of the Faculty Council, HOP 2-1120-PM
* Other Faculty Governance References

* Faculty Council Primer
* General Faculty Standing Committees Primer
* Copyright Management of Course Materials

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* Faculty Council Membership
* Faculty Council Executive Committee
* General Faculty Standing Committees

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Meeting Documents & Action Items

Cancellation of Summer Meetings
approved by no-protest April 29

2016-17 Meeting Schedule
approved by no-protest April 29

2016-17 Faculty Council Membership

2016-17 Faculty Council Executive Committee
May 2 officer election results

COLA Health & Society Degree Program
Protest deadline: Fri., May 6

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the General Faculty is to support the General Faculty and its elected representative body, the Faculty Council, in their roles in the governance of the University.

The responsibilities are those of the Secretary of the General Faculty, who is also the Secretary of the Faculty Council and who is responsible for the Office of the General Faculty. Specific functions are set forth in the Handbook of Operating Procedures 2-1010, D.3 (formerly HOP 1.1) and 2-1120-PM (formerly PM 1.301) of the University of Texas at Austin.

Concealed Handguns on Campus

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