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The Minutes of the Faculty Council meeting of March 23, 1998, published below, have been prepared for the immediate use of the members of the Faculty Council and are included in its Documents and Proceedings. They are also included in the Documents and Minutes of the General Faculty for the information of the members.


John R. Durbin, Secretary
The General Faculty

MARCH 23, 1998

The seventh meeting of the Faculty Council for the academic year 1997-1998 was held in Room 212 of the Main Building on Monday, March 23, 1998, at 2:15 p.m.


Present: Mark I. Alpert, Jay L. Banner, Gerard H. Behague, Kirsten L. Belgum, Roger D. Bengtson, Harold W. Billings, Carolyn P. Boyd, Oscar G. Brockett, Ralph W. Cain, Loftus C. Carson II, Harry M. Cleaver, Jr., Alan K. Cline, Steven R. Cooke, Ann Cvetkovich, Patrick J. Davis, Kenneth R. Diller, Robert A. Duke, John R. Durbin, Wendy E. Erisman, Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Peter T. Flawn, Marye Anne Fox, Karl Galinsky, Susan H. Gamel, Teresa Garcia, James D. Garrison, John C. Gilbert, Lawrence E. Gilbert, Aditi Gowri, Michael H. Granof, Sue A. Greninger, E. Glynn Harmon, Julie Hallmark, Lisa C. Henken, Martha F. Hilley, Sharon H. Justice, Manuel J. Justiz, H. Paul Kelley, Kerry A. Kinney, William J. Koros, Michael L. Lauderdale, Desmond F. Lawler, Brian P. Levack, William S. Livingston, Cindy Y. Lo, Raul G. Longoria, Alvin H. Meyer, Stephen A. Monti, Dean P. Neikirk, Kimberly Nixon, Melvin E. L. Oakes, Alba A. Ortiz, Robert G. Paterson, Shelley M. Payne, Theodore E. Pfeifer, Robert A. Prentice, Pedro Reyes, , Thomas D. Russell, Dolores Sands, Edwin R. Sharpe, Jr., Lawrence W. Speck, Janet Staiger, Ben G. Streetman, Alexa M. Stuifbergen, Teresa A. Sullivan, James W. Vick, Bruce Walker, Barbara W. White, Marlen D. Whitley, Patricia Witherspoon, Paul B. Woodruff.

Absent: Patricia A. Alvey (excused), Joel W. Barlow, Frank D. Bean, Jr., Daniel A. Bonevac, Roger T. Bonnecaze, Julie H. Burnett, David L. Deming, David S. Dolling, James T. Doluisio, Edwin Dorn, John S. Dzienkowski, William L. Fisher, G. Charles Franklin, Alan W. Friedman, Thomas M. Hatfield, David M. Hillis (excused), Joseph M. Horn, Robert D. King, Stefan M. Kostka, Robert G. May (excused), Reuben R. McDaniel (excused), Jr., Lisa L. Moore, Donald P. Newman, Patricia A. Parker, Mary Ann Rankin, Johnnie D. Ray, Gretchen Ritter (excused), M. Michael Sharlot, James Sidbury (excused), Patricia A. Stout (excused), Ellen A. Wartella, Jacqueline D. Woolley.

Voting Members:
52 present,
21 absent,
73 total
Non-Voting Members:
20 present,
11 absent,
31 total
Total Members:
72 present,
32 absent,
104 total



The meeting opened with brief remarks by President designate Larry Faulkner, who was speaking by special invitation three weeks before assuming the presidency. He said he had been continually impressed by the strength of the University as he became better acquainted with it on his visits to the campus. He characterized UT Austin as one of the great universities in the world. He said institutions of such quality are rare, and he spoke of the responsibility to preserve its strengths and to make it even greater. He made clear his commitment to carry that message to the public. He closed by saying that he looked forward to working with the Faculty Council.


Secretary John R. Durbin (Mathematics) called attention to Item B on D&P 16760, regarding a recommended change in the distribution of nonresident competitive scholarship tuition exemptions. This item had been returned by President Flawn without approval. (See the discussion of that item under III.B below.)


The minutes of the Faculty Council meeting of February 16, 1998 (D&M 22240-22244/D&P 16781-16785) were approved by a voice vote.


A. Comments by the President.

Peter T. Flawn, who was attending his last Council meeting as President, restricted his remarks to a farewell comment. He said that when he returned as President ad interim after having retired as President in 1985, he had misgivings about the new faculty governance structure, which replaced the previous University Council and Faculty Senate by a single body, the Faculty Council. However, he had come to believe that the new structure had the advantages that it gave the faculty leadership much greater visibility and gave it a much stronger voice than before. He said he thought that had been beneficial during the past year in dealing with public issues on race and on athletics and through participation in the presidential search.

B. Questions to the President.

Alan Cline (Computer Sciences) expressed concern about the President's disapproval of the recommended change in the distribution of nonresident competitive scholarship tuition exemptions. (See I above.) Professor Cline said the minutes indicated that no one in the administration had questioned the recommendation at the September 15 meeting at which it had been approved by the Council. Provost ad interim Stephen Monti recalled that he had said in one of the Council meetings that the recommendation had budget implications, but he was not sure when that was. [Secretary's remark: After the meeting Provost Monti located the remarks to which he referred in the minutes of the Council's meeting on May 5, 1997, D&P 16336.]



Chair John C. Gilbert (Chemistry and Biochemistry) reported that Steve Leslie (Pharmacy), co-chair of the Executive Vice President and Provost Search Committee, had said that the committee was considering both internal and external candidates, and expected to submit a list of candidates to the President by mid- to late-April. The chair also said the Executive Committee of the Council had been continuing its discussions with the University's administration on the club proposed for the east side of the stadium (D&P 16783).

Chair Gilbert closed his report on the lighthearted side by presenting several gifts to President Flawn. (One, a small tent, was made in reference to a tent recently purchased by the men's athletics department, which was later discussed by Edwin R. Sharpe, Vice President for Administration and Public Affairs, at the request of the President.) Chair Gilbert preceded this by more serious remarks noting that Flawn, in his tenure as President ad interim, had been much more than a caretaker; he had been active in improving the University on all fronts. The members' extended applause demonstrated their appreciation for Flawn's unselfishness and leadership over the preceding year.


Chair Elect Shelley M. Payne (Microbiology) reported on the March 9 meeting in College Station of members of the Council with members of the Faculty Senate of Texas A&M. William L. Perry (Associate Provost and Dean of Faculties at Texas A&M) gave a keynote address on issues relating to public accountability, academic integrity, and the problem of achieving a balance between research, teaching, and service in a public research university. Karen Kubena (Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M) described a program in her college that is designed to modify the existing reward system to encourage teaching.




A. Report on The Texas Theme.

The Texas Theme initiative, an effort to tell the story of the change in the state's status on the world stage and the contributions of the University in facilitating that change, was described by Dean Lawrence Speck (architecture). Dean Speck talked about the creation of the initiative, about what had been done thus far, and about the roles to be played by ten committees involved in work on the initiative. Much more will be heard about the Texas Theme over the next several years.



A. Changes to the UT Austin Handbook of Operating Procedures Section on the Faculty Grievance Procedure (D&P 16720-16721). (Approved)

On behalf of the Faculty Grievance Committee, Janet Staiger (Radio-Television-Film), Chair of the Committee, introduced a recommendation to provide for the committee to operate with both a chair and chair elect; this would help guarantee continuity in the work of the committee. This item was approved unanimously by a voice vote.

B. Recommendations for Guidelines for Undergraduate Students Pursuing Baccalaureate Degrees in Two Majors (D&P 16722-16724). (Approved)

Robert A. Duke (Music), Chair of the Educational Policy Committee, introduced a recommendation to permit students to register simultaneously for baccalaureate degrees in two majors. The committee reported that students have a variety of reasons for pursuing degrees in two majors, and believed that their efforts should be recognized and facilitated. Professor Duke said there were many issues to be resolved in implementing the recommendation, but felt confident these could be dealt with.

Major concerns about the recommendation were voiced by Robert Prentice (MSIS), who described the problems that would be created if students were allowed to pursue two majors simultaneously in the College of Business Administration; Charles Roeckle (Associate Dean for Student Affairs, College of Fine Arts), who raised a number of questions about details in carrying out the recommendation; and Alan Cline (Computer Sciences), who pointed out the problems that could be created in his department, which is already facing an enrollment crisis. Comments and general support for the recommendation came from Paul Woodruff (Philosophy and Plan II), Karl Galinsky (Classics), Lisa Henken (student), Madhu Chugh (student), Sue Gamel (advisor, Natural Sciences), Al Meyer (Engineering), and Provost ad interim Steve Monti. Provost Monti said that concerns such as those raised by Professors Prentice, Roeckle, and Cline would be taken into account in dealing with the recommendation. In the end, the item was approved by a voice vote.

C. Changes to the General Faculty Standing Committee on Committees (D&P 16725-16726). (Approved)

Linda Ferreira-Buckley (English), on behalf of the Committee on Committees, introduced two recommendations from her committee: one would add the Secretary of the General Faculty as an ex officio member of the Committee on Committees, and the other would require that the chair of each standing committee be a member of the General Faculty. Both recommendations were approved unanimously by a voice vote.

D. Revisions to the General Faculty Standing Library Committee (D&P 16727-16728). (Revised and approved)

On behalf of the Library Committee, Carolyn Boyd (History), its chair, introduced a recommendation to revise the composition and function of the Committee. The Council approved a motion by Kimberly Nixon (Graduate Students Association) to revise the original recommendation by increasing the number of representatives from the Graduate Students Association on the Committee from two to three and reducing the number of representatives from Student Government from three to two.

Teresa Sullivan (Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies) spoke in favor of the motion. Sue Gamel inquired about the presence of staff on the Committee, and Professor Boyd responded that the Director of


  General Libraries is an adviser to the Committee and other staff members attend the meetings, but they are not members of the Committee.

Professor Boyd, Provost Monti, Harold Billings (Director of General Libraries), and Karl Galinsky (Classics) took part in an exchange on the role of the Committee. Professor Boyd said that the Committee would not involve itself in the day-to-day operations of units such as the Center for American History, the Humanities Research Center, and the Law Library.

In the end, the revised recommendation was approved unanimously by a voice vote.




The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m. The next regular meeting of the Faculty Council is scheduled for Main Building, Room 212, on Monday, April 20, 1998, at 2:15 p.m.

Distributed to members of the Faculty Council April 15, 1998.