1998-1999 Faculty Council Membership

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Elected Faculty Members With Vote (68)
Elected by the General Faculty (21):

Group 1: Professors and Associate Professors (10)
(To serve until first class day of Fall Semester, 1999.)

Joel W. Barlow, Professor, Chemical Engineering
Carolyn P. Boyd, Professor, History
Richard A. Cherwitz, Professor, Speech Communication
Ann Cvetkovich, Associate Professor, English
Michael H. Granof, Professor, Accounting
Martha F. Hilley, Professor, Music
William J. Koros, Professor, Chemical Engineering
Reuben R. McDaniel, Jr., Professor, Management
Melvin E. L. Oakes, Professor, Physics
Wayne A. Rebhorn, Professor, English

Group II: Assistant Professors and Instructors (10)
(To serve until first class day of Fall Semester, 1999.)

Patricia A. Alvey *, Associate Professor, Advertising
Jay L. Banner *, Associate Professor, Geological Sciences
Roger T. Bonnecaze, Associate* Professor, Chemical Engineering
Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Associate Professor, English
Teresa Garcia, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Stuart L. Goosman, Assistant Professor, Music
Kerry A. Kinney, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
Lisa L. Moore *, Associate Professor, English
Thomas D. Russell *, Professor, Law & History
James Sidbury*, Associate Professor, History

* Promoted after being elected to the Faculty Council

Secretary of the Faculty Council
(To serve until January 1, 1999.)

John R. Durbin, Professor, Mathematics

Elected by the Graduate Assembly (1):
(To serve until September 1, 1999.)

Chair of the Graduate Assembly:

Terry D. Kahn, Professor, School of Architecture

Elected by the Individual Colleges and Schools (46):
(To serve until first class day of Fall Semester, 2000.)

Representative of the School of Architecture (1)

Richard L. Cleary, Assistant Professor, Architecture

Representatives of the College of Business Administration (4)

Urton L. Anderson , Professor, Accounting
Victor L. Arnold , Professor, Management
Linda L. Golden, Professor, Marketing Administration
Robert A. Prentice, Professor, Management Science and Information Systems

Representatives of the College of Communication (2)

Roderick P. Hart, Professor, Speech Communication
Karin G. Wilkins, Professor, Radio-Television-Film

Representatives of the College of Education (3)

Jere Confrey, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Randall M.Parker, Professor, Special Education
Lonnie H. Wagstaff, Professor, Educational Administration

Representatives of the College of Engineering (5)

Neal E. Armstrong, Professor, Civil Engineering
Joseph J. Beaman, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
J. Parker Lamb, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Desmond F. Lawler, Professor, Civil Engineering
Dean P. Neikirk, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Representatives of the College of Fine Arts (4)

Robert A. Duke, Professor, Music
Vincent A. Mariani, Professor, Art and Art History
David A. Nancarrow, Professor, Theatre and Dance
Michael C. Tusa, Professor, Music

Representatives of the School of Law (2)

John S. Dzienkowski, Professor, Law
Richard S. Markovits, Professor, Law

Representatives of the College of Liberal Arts (12)

Katherine M. Arens, Professor, Germanic Studies
Vance R. Holloway, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Catherine H. Echols, Associate Professor, Psychology
Alan W. Friedman, Professor, English
G. Karl Galinsky, Professor, Classics
James D. Garrison, Professor, English
Edmund T. Gordon, Professor, Anthropology
Lawrence S. Graham, Professor, Government
Brian P. Levack, Professor, History
Thomas G. Palaima, Professor, Classics
Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, Professor, English
Gretchen Ritter, Associate Professor, Government

Representative of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (1)

Julie Hallmark, Professor, Library and Information Science

Representatives of the College of Natural Sciences (8)

Efraim Armendariz, Professor, Mathematics
William D. Carlson, Professor, Geological Sciences
Alan K. Cline, Professor, Computer Sciences and Mathematics
John C. Gilbert, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sue A. Greninger, Associate Professor, Human Ecology
Thomas A. Griffy, Professor, Physics
Shelley M. Payne, Professor, Microbiology
Michael Starbird, Professor, Mathematics

Representative of the School of Nursing (1)

Alexa M. Stuifbergen, Associate Professor, Nursing

Representative of the College of Pharmacy (1)

Patrick J. Davis, Professor, Pharmacy

Representative of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs (1)

Victoria Rodriguez,Associate Professor, LBJ School of Pubilic Affairs

Representative of the School of Social Work (1)

Michael L. Lauderdale, Professor, Social Work

Selected by Students' Association (3):

Annie L. Holand - Senior, Communication
Daron K. Roberts - Sophomore, Plan II
Owen R. Temple - Senior, Business Administration

Selected by Cabinet of College Councils (2):

Jaclyn Y. Roberson , Junior, Communication
Stacie C. Wright, Senior, Mechanical Engineerin

Selected by Graduate Students' Assembly (2):

Denise Gobert, Doctoral, Kinesiology
Kimberly Nixon, Doctoral, Psychology

Administrative Members Ex Officio Without Vote (30)

Larry R. Faulkner
Executive Vice President and Provost
Sheldon Ekland-Olson
Senior Vice President
William S. Livingston, Professor Emeritus, Government
Vice Presidents (7)
Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs
Patricia C. Ohlendorf, J.D.
Vice President for Business Affairs
G. Charles Franklin
Vice President for Development
Johnnie D. Ray
Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies
Teresa A. Sullivan, Professor, Sociology and Law
Vice President for Human Resources and Community Relations
James L. Hill
Interim Vice President for Research:
Juan Sanchez, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Vice President for Student Affairs
James W. Vick, Professor, Mathematics

Deans of Colleges and Schools (14) School of Architecture: Lawrence W. Speck, Professor, Architecture and Planning College of Business Administration Robert G. May, Professor, Accounting College of Communication Ellen A. Wartella, Professor, Radio-Television-Film College of Education Manuel J. Justiz, Professor, Educational Administration College of Engineering Ben G. Streetman, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Acting Dean, College of Fine Arts Charles A. Roeckle, Professor, Music School of Law M. Michael Sharlot, Professor, Law College of Liberal Arts Judith Langlois, Interim Dean, Professor, Psychology Graduate School of Library and Information Science E. Glynn Harmon, Professor, Library and Information Science College of Natural Sciences Mary Ann Rankin, Professor, Zoology School of Nursing Dolores Sands, Professor, Nursing College of Pharmacy Steven W. Leslie, Professor, Pharmacy Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Edwin Dorn, Professor School of Social Work Barbara W. White, Professor, Social Work

Parliamentarian H. Paul Kelley, Director, Measurement and Evaluation

Other Administrative Members(5) Dean of Division of Continuing Education Thomas M. Hatfield, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction Director of General Libraries Harold W. Billings Dean of Students Sharon H. Justice Director of Admissions Bruce Walker Registrar Theodore E. Pfeifer

Selected by Staff Association (2)

Susan H. Gamel, Academic Advisor III,
Math-Physics-Astron. Advising Center
(To serve until first class day of Fall Semester, 1999)
Cynthia A. Marshall, Academic Advisor II,
(To serve until first class day of Fall Semester, 1999)