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Faculty Council Membership for 1998-1999

Patricia A. Alvey- Advertising

Urton L. Anderson - Accounting

Katherine M. Arens- Germanic Languages

Efraim Armendariz - Mathematics

Neal E. Armstrong - Civil Engineering

Victor L. Arnold - Management

Jay L. Banner - Geological Sciences

Joel W. Barlow - Chemical Engineering

Joseph J. Beaman - Mechanical Engineering

Harold W. Billings - Director of General Libraries

Roger T. Bonnecaze - Chemical Engineering

Carolyn P. Boyd - History

William D. Carlson - Geological Sciences

Richard A. Cherwitz - Speech Communication

Richard L. Cleary, - Architecture

Alan K. Cline - Computer Sciences and Mathematics

Jere Confrey - Curriculum and Instruction

Ann Cvetkovich - English

Patrick J. Davis - Pharmacy

Edwin Dorn - Dean, LBJ School of Public Affairs

Robert A. Duke - Music

John R. Durbin - Mathematics, Secretary of the General Faculty

John S. Dzienkowski - School of Law

Catherine H. Echols - Psychology

Sheldon Ekland-Olson - Executive Vice Pres. & Provost

Larry R. Faulkner - President

Linda Ferreira-Buckley - English

G. Charles Franklin - Vice President for Business Affairs

Alan W. Friedman - English

G. Karl Galinsky - Classics

Susan H. Gamel - Mathematics-Physics-Astronomy Advising Center

Teresa Garcia - Educational Psychology

James D. Garrison - English

John C. Gilbert - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Denise Gobert - Doctoral, Kinesiology

Linda L. Golden - Marketing Administration

Stuart L. Goosman - Music

Edmund T. Gordon - Anthropology

Lawrence S. Graham - Government

Michael H. Granof - Accounting

Sue A. Greninger - Human Ecology

Thomas A. Griffy - Physics

Julie Hallmark - Library and Information Science

E. Glynn Harmon - Dean, School of Library and Information Science

Roderick P. Hart - Speech Communication

Thomas M. Hatfield - Dean, Division of Continuing Education

James L. Hill - Vice President for Human Resources and Community Relations

Martha F. Hilley - Music

Annie L. Holand - Senior, Communication

Vance R. Holloway - Spanish & Portuguese

Sharon H. Justice - Dean of Students

Manuel J. Justiz - Dean, College of Education

Terry D. Kahn - School of Architecture

H. Paul Kelley - Educational Psychology

Kerry A. Kinney - Civil Engineering

William J. Koros - Chemical Engineering

J. Parker Lamb - Mechanical Engineering

Judith Langlois - Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Michael L. Lauderdale - Social Work

Desmond F. Lawler - Civil Engineering

Steven W. Leslie - Dean, College of Pharmacy

Brian P. Levack - History

William S. Livingston - Senior Vice President

Vincent A. Mariani - Art and Art History

Richard S. Markovits - Law

Cynthia A. Marshall - Academic Advisor II, Philosophy

Robert G. May - Dean - College of Business Administration

Reuben R. McDaniel - Jr. - Management Science and Information Systems

Lisa L. Moore - English

David A. Nancarrow - Theatre and Dance

Dean P. Neikirk - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kimberly Nixon - Doctoral, Psychology

Melvin E. L. Oakes - Physics

Patricia C Ohlendorf - Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs

Thomas G. Palaima - Classics

Randall M.Parker - Special Education

Shelley M. Payne - Microbiology, Chair of the Faculty Council

Theodore E. Pfeifer - Registrar

Robert A. Prentice - Management Science and Information Systems

Mary Ann Rankin - Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Johnnie D. Ray - Vice President for Development

Wayne A. Rebhorn - English

Elizabeth Richmond-Garza - English

Gretchen Ritter - Government

Jaclyn Y. Roberson - Junior, Communication

Daron K. Roberts - Sophomore, Plan II

Victoria Rodriguez - LBJ School of Public Affairs

Charles A. Roeckle - Acting Dean, College of Fine Arts

Thomas D. Russell - Law & History

Juan Sanchez - Interim Vice President for Research

Dolores Sands - Dean, School of Nursing

M. Michael Sharlot - Dean, School of Law

James Sidbury - History

Lawrence W. Speck - Dean, School of Architecture

Michael Starbird - Mathematics

Ben G. Streetman - Dean, College of Engineering

Alexa M. Stuifbergen - Nursing

Teresa A. Sullivan - Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies

Owen R. Temple - Senior, Business Administration

Michael C. Tusa - Music

James W. Vick - Vice President for Student Affairs

Lonnie H. Wagstaff, Professor, Educational Administration

Bruce Walker - Director of Admissions

Ellen A. Wartella - Dean, College of Communication

Barbara W. White - Dean, School of Social Work

Karin G. Wilkins - Radio-Television-Film

Stacie C. Wright - Senior, Mechanical Engineering