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Gretchen Ritter (Government), on behalf of the Faculty Welfare Committee, has filed with the Secretary of the Faculty Council the resolution set forth below concerning a Family Policy. The Secretary has classified this resolution as general legislation. The 10-day circulation rule for general legislation will be satisfied on January 25, 1999.

Notice is hereby given that this proposed legislation will be presented to the Faculty Council for action at its meeting on January 25, 1999.


John R. Durbin, Secretary
The Faculty Council

Posted on the Faculty Council web site on January 15, 1999. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.



Resolved, that the Faculty Council calls upon the President to institute procedures for modified duties for faculty members who give birth or have primary responsibility for a newborn child. Under a system of modified duties, deans and department chairs should work with the affected faculty members to allow them to meet their teaching obligations without regularly scheduled classroom meetings during the affected semester or semester equivalent. Faculty members are expected to use all of their available paid leave (e.g., sick leave) in conjunction with modified duties. Further, faculty members would not suffer any loss in salary while on modified duty. Finally, faculty members on modified duty will normally be expected to fulfill their other professional responsibilities.

Resolved, that the administration seek to publicize leave and modified duty provisions to deans, department chairs, and faculty members. Further, a person within each dean's office should be designated to work with faculty and department chairs on creating leave and modified duty plans for individual faculty members.


As mandated by state and federal law, the University's sick leave and family leave policies provide faculty with leave to assist with pregnancy, childbirth and care for newborns. However, delegating or reassigning teaching responsibilities immediately before, during, or after a leave period that runs less than a full semester may be disruptive to university operations, unnecessarily burdensome to the affected faculty member, and hence, contrary to the best interests of the University.