Faculty Council Membership for 1999-2000

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Members with Vote

Adejumo, Christopher O. Assistant Professor, Art and Art History
Anderson, Urton L. Professor, Accounting
Arens, Katherine M. Professor, Germanic Studies
Armendariz, Efraim Professor, Mathematics
Armstrong, Neal E. Professor, Civil Engineering
Arnold, Victor L. Professor, Management
Barlow, Joel W. Professor, Chemical Engineering
Barrish, Phillip J. Assistant Professor, English
Beaman, Joseph J. Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Béhague, Gerard H. Professor, Music
Carlson, William D. Professor, Geological Sciences
Carson II, Loftus C. Professor, Law
Cherwitz, Richard A. Professor, Speech Communication
Cleary, Richard L. Associate Professor, Architecture
Clement, Michael B. Assistant Professor, Accounting
Cline, Alan K. Professor, Computer Sciences and Mathematics
Confrey, Jere Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Corsi, Richard L. Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Davis Jr., Donald G. Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Davis, Patrick J. Professor, Pharmacy
Duke, Robert A. Professor, Music
Durbin, John R. Professor, Mathematics
Dzienkowski, John S. Professor, Law
Echols, Catharine H. Associate Professor, Psychology
Fatehi, Parisa Student, Junior, Plan II Honors Program
Fouladi, Rachel T. Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Friedman, Alan W. Professor, English (replaced by Lester R. Kurtz, January 2, 2000)
Galinsky, G. Karl Professor, Classics
Galvan, Sara Student, Senior, Architecture and Plan II Dual Degree Program
Garrison, James D. Professor, English
Gee, Erayne N. Student, Senior, Public Relations
Gilbert, John C. Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Golden, Linda L. Professor, Marketing Administration
Gordon, Edmund T. Associate Professor, Anthropology
Graham, Lawrence S. Professor, Government
Greninger, Sue A. Associate Professor, Human Ecology
Griffy, Thomas A. Professor, Physics
Hallmark, Julie Professor, Library and Information Science
Hamilton, Tracy C. Doctoral Student, Art History
Harlow, Barbara J.  Professor, English
Hart, Roderick P. Professor, Speech Communication
Hilley, Martha F. Professor, Music
Holloway, Vance R. Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Keating, Elizabeth L. Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Kinney, Kerry A. Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
Kurtz,Lester R. Professor, Sociology (replaced Alan W. Friedman, January 1, 2000)
Lamb, J. Parker Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Lauderdale, Michael L. Professor, Social Work
Lawler, Desmond F. Professor, Civil Engineering
Levack, Brian P. Professor, History
Mariani, Vincent A. Professor, Art and Art History
Maxey, Margaret N. Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nancarrow, David A. Professor, Theatre and Dance
Neikirk, Dean P. Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Odell, Edward W. Professor, Mathematics
Opiela, Eric Student, Senior, Government
Ortiz, Alba A. Professor, Special Education
Palaima, Thomas G. Professor, Classics
Palka, Bruce P. Professor, Mathematics
Parker, Randall M. Professor, Special Education
Patel, Atisha Student, Senior, Plan II Honors Program
Payne, Shelley M. Professor, Microbiology
Pinto-Bailey, Ana Cristina
(formerly Ana Cristina Ferreira-Pinto)
Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Popova, Elmira Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Prentice, Robert A. Professor, Management Science and Information Systems
Richmond-Garza, Elizabeth Associate Professor, English
Riggsby, Andrew M. Assistant Professor, Classics
Ritter, Gretchen Associate Professor, Government
Rodriguez, Victoria Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
Sherzer, Joel F. Professor, Anthropology
St. Lawrence, John Doctoral Student, History
Starbird, Michael Professor, Mathematics
Stuifbergen, Alexa M. Associate Professor, Nursing
Todd, Janice S. Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Education
Tusa, Michael C. Professor, Music
Wagstaff, Lonnie H. Professor, Educational Administration
Wilkins, Karin G. Assistant Professor, Radio-Television-Film

Members without Vote

Billings, Harold W. Director, General Libraries
Dorn, Edwin Dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Ekland-Olson, Sheldon Executive Vice President and Provost
Faulkner, Larry R. President
Franklin, G. Charles Vice President for Business Affairs
Freeman, Robert Dean, College of Fine Arts (replaced Charles A. Roeckle January 1, 2000)
Hatfield, Thomas M. Dean, Division of Continuing Education
Hill, James L. Vice President for Human Resources and Community Relations
Justice, Sharon H. Dean of Students
Justiz, Manuel J. Dean, College of Education
Lariviere, Richard W. Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Leslie, Steven W. Dean, College of Pharmacy
Livingston, William S.

Professor Emeritus, Government

Luthy, Laura E.

Staff Association Representative

May, Robert G. Dean, College of Business Administration
Murphy, Gregory R.

Staff Association Representative

Ohlendorf, Patricia C. Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs
Pfeifer, Theodore E. Registrar
Rankin, Mary Ann Dean, College of Natural Sciences
Ray, Johnnie D. Vice President for Development
Roeckle, Charles A. Acting Dean, College of Fine Arts (replaced by Robert Freeman, January 1, 2000)
Sanchez, Juan M. Vice President for Research
Sands, Dolores Dean, School of Nursing
Shaffer, Roberta I. Dean, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Sharlot, M. Michael Dean, School of Law
Speck, Lawrence W. Dean, School of Architecture
Streetman, Ben G. Dean, College of Engineering
Sullivan, Teresa A. Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies
Vick, James W. Vice President for Student Affairs
Walker, N. Bruce Director of Admissions
Wartella, Ellen A. Dean, College of Communication
White, Barbara W. Dean, School of Social Work