Index of Memorial Resolutions and Biographical Sketches

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Whereas, Dr. Alice Redland served as a distinguished faculty member in The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing from January, 1970, to August 25, 1994; and

Whereas, She served as Parliamentarian to the Faculty Organization and as Chair of the Bylaws Committee from 1976 to 1994; and

Whereas, She served as Graduate Advisor from 1989 to 1991 and supervised the reorganization of graduate student data and record-keeping systems; and

Whereas, She recently assumed Editorship of the UT Nursing Report, elevating it to an informative chronicle of the scholarship activities of the School; and

Whereas, She served as a leader and spent innumerable hours in committee work where her considerable logic, intelligence, and forthrightness helped the School of Nursing move forward in its quest for excellence and achievement of recognition as a top-ranked school of nursing; and

Whereas, She served as a leader at the local, national, and international level for Sigma Theta Tau International; and

Whereas, She contributed new intellectual insights and sustained leadership that guided the revisions of the Adult Health Graduate Program; and

Whereas, Her sense of ethical decision making and uncompromising standards permeated our School at all levels; and

Whereas, She shared her knowledge with students in innovative and meaningful ways and received teaching excellence awards; and

Whereas, She willingly gave generously of her time, scholarly talents, and energy to support and encourage doctoral students in the successful completion of their dissertation research; and

Whereas, She challenged colleagues to reach deeply within themselves to actualize their highest level of scholarly potential; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the faculty of the School of Nursing acknowledge the sustained contributions of Dr. Alice R. Redland to the teaching, service, and research and scholarship missions of the School; and be it further

Resolved, That the faculty recognize her lifetime commitment and devotion to this School of Nursing in their support of the proposed Alice R. Redland Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing.


Robert M. Berdahl, President
The University of Texas at Austin


H. Paul Kelley, Secretary
The General Faculty

This Memorial Resolution was prepared by a Special Committee consisting of Professors Alexa M. Stuifbergen (Chair), Sue J. Grobe, and Betty J. Skaggs.



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