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A-1 Committee of Counsel on Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Appendix A: Message to faculty regarding post-tenure reviews:

To: Members of the General Faculty

From: The Committee of Counsel on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (CCAFR)

As the Committee responsible for having written and overseen the adoption of UT's Post-Tenure Review Policy (PTR), we felt it incumbent on us, as we did last year which was the first year of the policy's implementation, to reiterate what it is and is not, and to inform you of our continuing responsibilities in this matter.

First, PTR applies to all tenured members of the faculty, regardless of the positions they currently hold. Moreover, PTR affirms all current University and System commitments to tenure, academic freedom, due process, and good cause for dismissal. It is intended to build on what currently works, the annual reviews conducted by individual departments and schools, and thus to minimize bureaucracy and the time spent evaluating and being evaluated, and to make the review process regular and routine. In the first instance, faculty promoted within the last six years are to be reviewed six years from their last promotion; the timing of the reviews of the remaining tenured faculty are to be chosen randomly or by any other legal means agreed to by the faculty of the department or school. Faculty are to be given six months notice to prepare for the review and sufficient opportunity to provide input. In addition, results of the review are to be given to faculty in writing, and they are to have opportunity to respond before any recommendation is made from the department or school to the next administrative level.

Finally, the process is to be monitored by CCAFR, which is charged to receive reports of faculty problems and concerns, and to recommend changes in PTR where, in its judgment, they are needed.

Electronic versions of all the major documents concerning post-tenure review are located on the World Wide Web at

Included there are links to the Timetable for Annual Review and Post-Tenure Review, the section from the Handbook of Operating Procedures entitled Annual Review and Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty, and the UT System Guidelines for Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty. You might also wish to consult an issue of "Academe" (September/October 1998, pp. 61-67), which contains the AAUP response to PTR. We believe that our version addresses their concerns. In addition to consulting these documents, please feel free to contact any member of CCAFR to express any concerns you have about the implementation of PTR. Thank you.

Alan Cline, Computer Sciences, Chair,
Janet Staiger, Vice Chair, Radio-Television-Film,
Katherine Arens, Germanic Studies,
Neal Armstrong, Civil Engineering,
Alan Friedman, English,
Rachel Fouladi, Educational Psychology,
G. Karl Galinsky, Classics,
H. Douglas Laycock, Law,
Melvin Oakes, Physics,

cc: President Larry Faulkner, Provost Sheldon Ekland Olson, the academic deans, and Patti Ohlendorf

Alan Kaylor Cline
Department of Computer Sciences
The University of Texas
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