C-7 Library Committee

Chair: Phillip Doty
Vice Chair: Vance Holloway

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FUNCTION: To be so well informed concerning the functions of the Library that it can assist in developing operational procedures; to assist in development of both personnel and fiscal policies and procedures; to advise the Faculty Council and the president concerning the direction and growth of the Library; to advise the president in the event it becomes necessary to appoint a new librarian.

COMPOSITION: At least eight members of the General Faculty and seven students. Student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from panels of names submitted by the appropriate student committees and shall include two representatives from Student Government, three from the Cabinet of College Councils, and two from the Graduate Student Assembly. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the committee. The committee shall elect its own chair and vice chair, who shall be members of the General Faculty. The director of General Libraries shall serve as administrative adviser without vote. Heads of other administrative units on campus that include library programs and services shall be invited to provide comment and information as the need arises.

Members, 1999-2000
  Coward, Doris D. 1998-2000 Associate Professor, Nursing
Daly, Ann 1999-2001 Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance
  Doty, Philip 1998-2000 Associate Professor, Library and Information Sciences
Kahn, Terry D. 1999-2001 Professor, Architecture
  Ralls, Kenneth M. 1998-2000 Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  Staiger, Janet 1998-2000 Professor, Radio-Television-Film
  Watkins, Samuel C. 1999-2001 Assistant Professor, Sociology
  Weinstein, Claire E. 1998-2000 Professor, Educational Psychology

Faculty Council Appointees
  Davis Jr., Donald G. 1999-2000   Professor, Library and Information Science  
  Holloway, Vance R. 1999-2000 Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Seven Students:
  Eisenbarth, Erin E. 1999-2000 Senior, Plan II Honors Program
  McCullough, Cathlin 1999-2000 Master Candidate, Libraray and Information Science
  Metcalfe, Travis 1999-2000 Graduate Research Assistant, Astronomy
  Milner, Deborah C. 1999-2000 Senior, Government, Plan II Honors Program
  Pearce, Salem H. 1999-2000 Senior, Plan II Honors Program
  Tannous, Jack B. 1999-2000 Senior, Plan II Honors Program
  TBA 1999-2000 Student Government Representative

Administrative Adviser:
  Billings, Harold W.

ex officio

Director, General Libraries