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More than sixty years ago, the University began a tradition of faculty-written memorial resolutions for deceased colleagues. Over the past several years, the Office of the General Faculty has made a special effort to recognize those for whom such memorials did not exist. This is a report on our progress, and gives the names of those for whom memorials have been completed in the past year.

The goal is to obtain a memorial statement for everyone who was tenured at the University for a notable part of his or her career, and to make these available on the web. In some cases, it is sufficient to encourage or provide assistance to an existing faculty committee. However, in many cases a committee was never appointed or it is too late to expect a report. For each of those, our office hopes to produce a biographical sketch including date and place of birth, degrees, employment, career achievements, and sources for further information. These biographical sketches are necessarily more limited than the best faculty-written memorials, which can include personal comments as well as a professional perspective on an individual's career.

We now have approximately 550 faculty-written memorials, about 100 of which have been completed in the past three years. In addition, we have 201 biographical sketches, all of which are in the second list below. The first list below gives the names of the 46 persons for whom faculty-written memorials have been received in the past year.

The list of biographical sketches includes six of the seven original (1883) faculty members of the University. It also includes the ten deceased University presidents for whom memorial resolutions did not exist.

A complete list of faculty-written memorials and biographical sketches can be found under Memorial Resolutions at the Faculty Council web site ( The site also has an index of pending memorial resolutions and biographical sketches. Over 300 of the memorials are now available on the web. By electronic scanning of past documents, we hope to have all available memorials on the web by the end of this calendar year.

In writing the biographical sketches, as well as in compiling a list of those who are eligible from the University's early years, use has been made of files in the provost's office, the Barker Texas Historical Center, and the Office of Public Affairs. Some of the memorials on the web have links to other memorials, especially to the Handbook of Texas Online, a joint project of the UT Austin General Libraries and the Texas State Historical Association.

Most of the biographical sketches have been written over the past six months by Teresa Acosta, who is now concentrating on those who were here from 1930 to 1950. The secretary is grateful for the work that she, Chris Marcin, and Debbie Roberts have done on this project. We encourage comments, either to or to, or by calling 471-5934.



John R. Durbin, Secretary
The General Faculty


This legislation was posted on the Faculty Council web site ( on February 19, 2001. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.


Memorial Resolutions Completed in the Past Year
(* near completion)

William Ayres Arrowsmith

David P. Bloch

Harold C. Bold

Osmond Breland

John B. Cornell

Robert M. Crunden

Leon Danielian

Robert R. Douglass

Royal Burdick Embree

Paul Ward English

Karl A. Folkers*

Bill D. Francis

Douglass M. Green

Stanley Hall

Charles Hartshorne*

L. D. Haskew

Archibald A. Hill

William G. Hill

William L. Hoey

William Orr Huie

Robert C. Jeffrey

C. Philip Johnson

Joseph Jay Jones

Barbara Jordan

Eugene B. Konecci

Alfred H. LaGrone*

Charles E. Lankford

Barnes F. Lathrop

Frances G. Loder

William J. Mandy

Wolfgang F. Michael*

Américo Paredes

John Russell Peck

Geneva Hanna Pilgrim

Edgar Charles Polomé

Emmette Redford

Royston M. Roberts

Michael P. Rosenthal

Lathan W. Sanford

William J. Sheffield

David Theodore Sisto

Harlan J. Smith

Archie W. Straiton*

George Willard Watt

Lee Willerman

Charles Alan Wright*



Biographical Sketches

James Anthony Anderson

Edward W. Bailey

Nancy N. Barker

Chase Baromeo

Lucy Barton

Robert Lynn Batts

Roy Bedichek

Ivan Belknap

Spurgeon Bell

Robert William Bené

Harry Yandell Benedict

Dorothea Bennett

Ora A. Bennett

Leonard R. Benson

Nettie Lee Benson

Levette Joe Berry

Najm Bezirgan

Daniel Franklin Bobbitt

Herbert E. Bolton

Henry A. Bowman

Oliver H. Bown

William L. Bray

Wade Lynn Brown

John Myron Bryant

Fred M. Bullard

Woodfin L. Butte

Killis Campbell

Abraham Charnes

Edith Clarke

Robert Emmet Cofer

Delmar Gross Cooke

Arthur Milton Cory

Alonzo Bettis Cox

Thomas Mabry Cranfill

Philip Douglas Creer

Gustavus W. Cunningham

Robert Lewis Dabney

Jessamon Dawe

Howard E. Degler

Madeleine Derdeyn-Jospeph

J. Frank Dobie

William Earle Drake

William C. "Dusty" Duesterhoeft

Frederic Duncalf

Jack L. Dunham

Frederick Eby

Edgar Everhart

Lonnie Bryan Ezell

George H. Fancher

Edwin Whitfield Fay

William E. Field

James Anderson Fitzgerald

Eric David Francis

Catheryn S. Franklin

Alma M. Freeland

Llerena B. Friend

E. Gus Fruh

Grover Fuchs

George P. Garrison

David Garvey

George Vincent Gentry

Martin L. Gibson

T. J. Gibson III

Fredrich Ernst Giesecke

Clark C. Gill

Frederick H. Ginascol

Mary E. Goldmann

Boyer Gonzales Jr.

Ambrose Gordon Jr.

Robert Simonton Gould

Philip Edwin Graham

C. Hartley Grattan

Leon Green

DeWitt C. Greer

Leah J. Gregg

John A. Gronouski

Ricardo Gullón

Susan G. Hadden

Ernest F. Haden

Charles G. Haines

G. B. Halsted

Terrell H. Hamilton

Max Sylvius Handman

Helen Hargrave

Lewis F. Hatch

Carl G. Hartman

William H. Hartwig

William Frank Helwig

Derek S. Hoare

Thomas D. Horn

David Franklin Houston

Milton Wylie Humphreys

Kenneth K. Hur


Herman Gerlach James

Mary Bell Granger James

Kenneth H. Jehn

Archie N. Jones

Alexander Corbin Judson

Sumitra M. Katre

Lindley Miller Keasbey

Lorrin G. Kennamer, Jr.

David Ballin Klein

Darwin D. Klingman

James Knight

Roy R. Krezdorn

John M. Kuehne

Gregory Lagrone

Ralph E. Lane

Roberta Frances Lavender

Chester F. Lay

Harrell E. Lee

Russell Lee

Hugo Leipziger-Pearce

William L. Lester

Joan Lidoff

William R. Lloyd

Arthur E. Lockenvitz

Wayne E. Long

Elmer Julius Lund

Edmund C. Lynch Sr.

Stuart A. MacCorkle

Joseph Hoover Mackin

John William Mallet

James Oscar"J. O." Marberry

Frank Burr Marsh

William Tyler Mather

Robert Elden Mathews

William Harding Mayes

Edward E. McClure

Noel C. McGuire

Kenneth E. McIntyre

Lauch McLaurin

Tom McMahon

Calvin McMillan

James Robert Moore

Ernest C. Mossner

Hermann Joseph Muller

William L. Nance

Shiela O'Gara

Clarence P. Oliver

Clara May Parker

John T. Patterson

Leonidas Warren Payne Jr.

Charles Shirley Potts

Charles L. Prather

William Lambdin Prather

Willis W. Pratt

Granville Price

Sylvester Primer

Ervin J. Prouse

Homer Price Rainey

Joseph Walter Ramsay

Jewel P. Raschke

Ralph Read

Frank L. Reed

Oscar W. Reinmuth

James W. Reynolds

Francis Warren Roberts

Oran Milo Roberts

John O. Rodgers

Gerard A. Rohlich

Walter T. Rolfe

Arnold Romberg

John Reese Rothgeb

Michael Ernest Sabbagh

Claudio G. Segre

Edwin Dubois Shurter

William S. Simkins

Carroll Day Simmons

Joseph R. Smiley

Bryant Smith

M. Irving Smith

Walter Marshall William Splawn

Ernest William Steel

Frank Mann Stewart

George Ward Stocking

Jo Ann Sweeney

Benjamin D. Tarlton

Ernest Fred Tiemann

Anastasios A. Toprac

John C. Townes

Lois Trice

James G. Umstattd

Alex Vallance

Robert Ernest Vinson

Enrico Volterra

William H. Wade

Leslie Waggener

Edward J. Wagner

Agesilaus Wilson Walker Jr.

John C. Watson

J. Rex Wier Jr.

Roger J. Williams

Jennie Wilmot

Logan Wilson

Ambrose Paré Winston

George Tayloe Winston

Jet C. Winters

Robert C. Witt

William G. Wolfe

Igor Youskevitch