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Legislation approved by the Faculty Council on February 18, 2002, would create an Office of the Faculty Ombudspersons (D 1652-1655). Because the legislation may be approved by the administration before September, on May 6 the Council will elect four faculty members who would serve on the screening committee called for in the legislation.

The following statement is from D 1654:

"When a vacancy occurs, a screening committee, composed of four faculty elected by the Faculty Council and two administrative/staff members appointed by the executive vice president and provost, will be created. In accordance with established personnel policies and procedures, the screening committee shall review applications and nominations for the position and interview candidates as appropriate."

On April 18, 2002, all faculty voting members of the Faculty Council were invited to submit nominations for membership on the screening committee. Any member of the General Faculty is eligible to serve. The thirteen members listed below were nominated and agreed to serve if elected, either explicitly or by not responding to an opportunity to decline.

On May 6, each faculty voting member of the Faculty Council will be able to vote for up to four of the nominees. The four persons receiving the highest number of votes will be on the screening committee. A tie will be settled by a coin toss (if two are tied) or a drawing of names (if more than two are tied).


John R. Durbin, Secretary
The Faculty Council



Neal E. Armstrong, professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Donald G. Davis, professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences
Alan W. Friedman, professor, Department of English
James D. Garrison, professor, Department of English
Julius G. Getman, professor, School of Law
John C. (Jack) Gilbert, professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Martha F. Hilley, professor, School of Music
Joseph M. Horn, professor, Department of Psychology
Arthur B. Markman, associate professor, Department of Psychology
David A. Nancarrow, professor, Department of Theatre and Dance
Alba A. Ortiz, professor, Department of Special Education
Linda E. Reichl, professor, Department of Physics
Janet Staiger, professor, Department of Radio-Television-Film


Posted on the Faculty Council web site on May 1, 2002. Paper copies are available on request from the Faculty Council Office, FAC 22, F9500.