Faculty Council Membership for 2001-2002

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Members with Vote

Alpert, Mark I. Professor, Marketing Administration
Ambler, Anthony P. Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Arens, Katherine M. Professor, Germanic Studies
Armendariz, Efraim Professor, Mathematics
Armstrong, Neal E. Professor, Civil Engineering
Arnold, Victor L. Professor, Management
Bailey, Matthew J. Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Banks, Joyce L. Master's Candidate, Art and Art History
Bauer, Brigitte L. Assistant Professor, French and Italian
Béhague, Gerard H. Professor, Music
Biow, Douglas G. Associate Professor, French and Italian
Blais, Lynn E. Professor, Law
Bogard, David G. Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Bonevac, Daniel A. Professor, Philosophy
Bredeson, Dean A. Lecturer, Management Science and Information Systems
Brooks, Joanna M. Assistant Professor, English
Brown, Kathryn E. Cabinet of College Councils Representative, Senior, Public Relations/Plan II Honors
Carlson, Cindy I. Professor, Educational Psychology
Churgin, Michael J. Professor, Law
Cleary, Richard L. Associate Professor, Architecture
Cloud, Dana L. Professor, Communication Studies
Davis Jr., Donald G. Professor and Interim Dean, Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Dean-Jones, Lesley Associate Professor, Classics
Dollard, John D. Professor, Mathematics
Downing, John D. Professor, Radio-Television-Film
Drumwright, Minette E. Assistant Professor, Adverstising
Durbin, John R. Professor, Mathematics
Friedman, Alan W. Professor, English
Galle, Omer R. Professor, Sociology
Gilbert, Dorie J. Assistant Professor, Social Work
Gilbert, John C. (Jack) Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gottlieb, Nell H. Professor, Kinesiology and Health Education
Granof, Michael H. Professor, Accounting
Guerra, Lita A. Professor, Music
Hackert, Marvin L. Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hammond, Von Matthew Student, Senior, Government
Harlow, Barbara J.  Professor, English
Horner, Sharon D. Associate Professor, Nursing
Irwin, Julie R. Assistant Professor, Marketing Administration
Jellison, Judith A. Professor, Music
Keeler, Ward W. Associate Professor, Anthropology
Kevorkian, Martin W. Assistant Professor, English
Kitt, Karrol A. Associate Professor, Human Ecology
Koons, Robert C. Associate Professor, Philosophy
Kostka, Stefan M. Professor, Music
Kracman, David R. Master's Candidate, Civil Engineering
Laude, David A. Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Maidment, David R. Professor, Civil Engineering
Masada, Glenn Y. Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Miksa, Francis L. Professor, Library and Information Science
Oakes, Melvin E. L. Professor, Physics
Olive, Melissa L. Assistant Professor, Special Education
Ortiz, Alba A. Professor, Special Education
Palaima, Thomas G. Professor, Classics
Palka, Bruce P. Professor, Mathematics
Parichy, David M. Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology
Popova, Elmira Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Raizen, Esther L. Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Reichl, Linda E. Professor, Physics
Richmond-Garza, Elizabeth Associate Professor, English
Robnett, Kevin Cabinet of College Councils Representative, Junior, Government
Rodriguez, Victoria Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
Saltman, David J. Professor, Mathematics
Shelmerdine, Cynthia W. Professor, Classics
Southern, Mark R. V. Assistant Professor, Germanic Languages
Staiger, Janet Professor, Radio-Television-Film
Starbird, Michael Professor, Mathematics
Stavchansky, Salomon A. Professor, Pharmacy
Todd, Janice S. Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Education
Toussant, Jarad Allan Student Government Representative, Senior, Plan II Honors Program
Valdez, Frances Elizabeth Student Government Representative, Senior, Ethnic studies
Wheeler, Mary F. Professor, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Yates, James R. Professor, Educational Administration
Young, Michael P. Assistant Professor, Sociology

Members without Vote

Baum, Glen S. Staff Representative, Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Billings, Harold W. Director, General Libraries
Brett, Teresa Graham Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Clubb, Patricia L. Vice President for Employee and Campus Services
Davis, Patrick J. Professor, Pharmacy
Dillon, Andrew P. Dean, Graduate School of Library and Informational Science
Dorn, Edwin Dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Ekland-Olson, Sheldon Executive Vice President and Provost
Faulkner, Larry R. President
Freeman, Robert Dean, College of Fine Arts
Hale, Donald A. Vice President for Public Affairs (effective July 1, 2001)
Hatfield, Thomas M. Dean, Division of Continuing Education
Hegarty, Kevin P.2 Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer1 
Hill, James L. Vice President for Community and School Relations
Justiz, Manuel J. Dean, College of Education
Lariviere, Richard W. Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Leslie, Steven W. Dean, College of Pharmacy
Livingston, William S.

Professor Emeritus, Government

May, Robert G. Dean, College of Business Administration
Ohlendorf, Patricia C. Vice President for Institutional Relations and Legal Affairs
Pfeifer, Theodore E. Registrar
Powers, William C. Dean, School of Law
Rankin, Mary Ann Dean, College of Natural Sciences
Ray, Johnnie D. Vice President for Resource Development
Sanchez, Juan M. Vice President for Research
Sands, Dolores Dean, School of Nursing
Steiner , Frederick Dean, School of Architecture
Streetman, Ben G. Dean, College of Engineering
Sullivan, Teresa A. Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies
Updegrove, Daniel A. Vice President for Information Technology
Vick, James W. Vice President for Student Affairs
Walker, N. Bruce Director of Admissions
Wartella, Ellen A. Dean, College of Communication
Waelder, Phyllis Boyd Staff Representative, Teaching Effectiveness
White, Barbara W. Dean, School of Social Work

1Replaced Interim Dean of Students Thomas W. Dison effective April 1, 2002. Mr. Dison replaced Sharon H. Justice, who retired on August 1, 2001. Teresa Graham Brett will replace Mr. Dison in Spring 2002.
2 Effective October 8, 2001, replaced G. Charles Franklin who retired on August 31, 2001.