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This report provides the names of those for whom faculty-written memorial resolutions or biographical sketches have been completed since February 21, 2001, the date of the last report.

There are 35 new faculty-written memorials, and 27 biographical sketches produced by the Office of the General Faculty. As reported last year, the biographical sketches are limited to date and place of birth, employment, career achievements, and sources for further information, and have been written for those for whom a faculty committee was never appointed or for whom it is too late to expect a report.

In addition, all of the memorial resolutions written before such documents were posted on the Web have been scanned electronically and are now available there in pdf format. There are approximately 400 of those.

All of the memorials are available under Memorial Resolutions at the Faculty Council Web site ( Comments and corrections are encouraged, either to or to, or by calling 471-5934.


John R. Durbin, Secretary
The General Faculty

Memorial Resolutions Completed in the Past Year

Robbin C. Anderson (D 1955-1956) Lorrin G. Kennamer, Jr. (D 1266-1267)
Gilbert H. (Gib) Ayres (D 1260-1262) Ruth Preston Miller Lehmann (D 1457-1460)
Janice M. Beyer (D 1554) Irwin C. Lieb (D 1555-1556)
Candace S. Bos (D 1706) Janet M. McGaughey (D 1293-1294)
Robert Graves Brown (D 1801-1802) Robert Neill Megaw (D 1502-1503)
Beatrice F. Carruth (D 1803) Carl William Morgan (D 1461-1462)
Franklin Lanier Cox (D 1975-1977) Norman M. "Jim" Prentice (D 1347-1348)
Edward Mott Davis (D 1285-1286) Oliver H. Radkey, Jr. (D 1645-1650)
Marian B. Davis (D 1337) Roland Gommel Roessner (D 1463-1464)
Jorge Luis Diviño (D 1338-1339) Stanley R. Ross (D 1504-1511)
Rudolph Conrad Doenges (D 1707-1712) Auline R. Schrank (D 1978-1981)
William C. "Dusty" Duesterhoeft (D 1237-1238) William Shive (D 1557-1558)
Buford Duke Jr. (D 1218-1219) Mary Perry Taylor (D 1349-1350)
Alexander Cyril Fabergé (D 1287-1292) Martin Thomas Todaro (D 1713-1714)
Claude Richard Hocott (D 1804-1805) John Arnold Walter (D 1808-1810)
Emmett Leroy Hudspeth (D 1806-1807) Jess Walters (D 1465-1467)
Svatava Pirkova Jakobson (D 1263-1264) Robert Henry Wilson (D 1239-1240)
Mohammad Ali Jazayery (D 1265)  

Biographical Sketches

Henry Fred Alves (D 1295) Frank Weldon Jessen (D 1302)
Thomas E. Barlow (D 1296) Addison E. Lee (D 1303)
William Charles Bell (D 1297) Charles Harry Leinbach Jr. (D 1304)
Horace Britt (D 1298) Archibald Ross Lewis (D 1305)
Folkert Brons (D 1299) John Ward Lockwood (D 1306)
Arthur Harwood Deen (D 1300) Thomas Francis McGann (D 1307)
Donald B. Goodall (D 1301) Roy James (Jack) McLean (D 1308)
Harry Helson (D 1319) Clarence Morris (D 1309)



Fritz Oberdoerffer (D 1310) E. Wayne Thode (D 1314)
Henry T. Owen (D 1311) Don C. Travis Jr. (D 1315)
Austin Phelps (D 1351) Bernard J. Ward (D 1316)
John Andrew Pierce-Jones (D 1312) Orville H. White (D 1317)
Paul A. Pisk (D 1216) Eugene Wisdom (D 1318)
Fillmore H. Sanford (D 1313)  

This legislation was posted on the Faculty Council web site on May 13, 2002. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.