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B-1 Committee on Financial Aid to Students

The membership of the committee consists of the following faculty and staff.

Faculty Members:
Linda M. Carpenter, assistant dean, nursing
Dana L. Cloud, associate professor, communication studies
Thelma R. Coles, professor, art and art history
Edmund (Ted) Gordon, associate professor, anthropology & archeology
Bruce P. Palka, professor, mathematics

Faculty Council Appointees:
Karrol A. Kitt, associate professor, human ecology
Glenn Y. Masada, professor, mechanical engineering

Administrative Advisers:
Lawrence W. Burt, director, Office of Student Financial Services
John D. Dollard, associate dean, Office of the Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies
Mary Beth Mercatoris ,student affairs administrator, Office of Dean of Students

Student Members:
Nada Danielle Antoun, student, radio-television-film
Katherine Ann King, student, history
Tamara R. Strain, student, government
Jeffery A. Yorg, student, graduate school

Non-appointed Support Staff:
Royce Gehrels, executive assistant, Office of Student Financial Services
Joe P. Wilcox, student financial aid officer IV, Office of Student Financial Services

This committee met four times from October 2001 through May 2002. The committee discussed a variety of issues regarding student financial aid. We have acted as a "sounding board" for the director of the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS), Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Burt. At each meeting, a representative from the OSFS briefed the committee on various issues and projects that were undertaken, and responded to questions concerning both. We have highlighted the issues in this report. (See the appendices for related charts, D 2026-2027.)

Texas Grant
The Texas Grant continues to grow in importance and number of students receiving support. For the 2001-2002 academic year, UT students benefited by receiving nearly $7.8 million in grant assistance. We expect the allocation to continue to grow as new classes are added to the eligibility pool for the 2002-2003 academic year. The program will then fund all undergraduate classes. The Texas Legislature has allocated sufficient funds for the program to grow in the number of individual awards as well as fully fund a four-year undergraduate program.

Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship/Presidential Achievement Scholarship
The Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship (LOS) program continues to show success with a total of 70 schools throughout the state. The program works synergistically with the Presidential Achievement Scholarship (PAS) program, such that nearly every admitted student from the 70 Longhorn schools receives a scholarship award. For the 2001-2002 academic year, 405 students were admitted from Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship high schools. One hundred twenty-five LOS awards, 70 PAS Tier I, 127 PAS Tier II, 53 PAS Tier III, and 4 Terry Foundation awards were given. Three students were designated as alternates and twenty-one students were not awarded. Ultimately, counting summer provisional admits successful to the fall, 264 students were enrolled in the fall semester from LOS high schools.

Ron Brown Scholarships
The children of UT Austin faculty and staff were encouraged to apply for the Ronald M. and Marilou D. Brown Endowed Scholarship, named in honor of the former vice president for student affairs and his wife. The scholarship is awarded only to full-time undergraduate students (including incoming freshmen and transfer students) who are the offspring of regular, retired, or deceased UT Austin faculty or staff. The income from the endowment enabled the presenting of ten one-year awards of $1,000 each.

The committee evaluated the applicants for the Ron Brown Scholarship in May. The recipients among continuing students are Rachel Pearson, Conor Brace, Jessica Hernandez, Lillian Rockwell, and Patrick Petersen. Two alternates selected from continuing students are Kathryn Turner (first alternate) and Kyle Norman (second alternate).

The recipients among incoming freshmen students are Michael Perrone, Anthony McGavran, Lauren R. Harrison, Erin C. Talley, and Laura Kincaid. Two alternates selected from incoming freshmen students are Natasha E. Martin-Hinshaw (first alternate) and Caroline S. Warlick (second alternate).

  Dana L. Cloud, chair

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This document was posted on the Faculty Council Web site, www.utexas.edu/faculty/council/ on July 29, 2002. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.

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