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2002-2003  FC photo

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1st Row:
Diane L. Schallert, Elliott W. Kruppa, Marvin L. Hackert, Larry R. Faulkner, Michael H. Granof, Bruce P. Palka, Charles N. Friedman

2nd Row: Anna Coons Pyeatt, Anastasia “Stacey” Kounelias, Raymond Bert “Rusty” Ince III, Elmira Popova, Janet Staiger, Alan W. Friedman, Esther L. Raizen, Daniela Bini

3rd Row: Dean P. Neikirk, Sarah Elizabeth Tierney, Lawrence D. Abraham, David G. Bogard, Alan K. Cline, John Weinstock, James D. Garrison

4th Row: Arthur B. Markman, Julie R. Irwin, John R. Durbin, Theodore E. Pfeifer, John Sibley Butler

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Diane L. Schallert Anna Cooons Pyeatt Dean PJ. Neikirk Arthur B. Markman Sarah E. Tierney Anastasia Kounelias Elliott W. Kruppa Rusty Ince Lawrence D. Abraham Julie R. Irwin David G. Bogard Marvin L. Harkert Elmira Popova Larry R. Faulkner Janet Staiger Michael H. Granof Alan W. Friedman John Weinstock James D. Garrison John S. Butler Theodore E. Pfeifer Alan K. Cline John R. Durbin Esther L. Raizen Bruce P. Palka Daniela Bini Charles N. Friedman



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