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A-4 Faculty Grievance Committee

There have been a total of 10 contacts with the Chair of the Grievance Committee during AY2002-03 regarding complaints involving alleged denial of promotion and tenure, disciplinary actions, and withholding of substantial rights. Three of these were continuations from the previous academic year, and the rest were initiated during the year. Of the ten cases, one was resolved through the informal process and mediation, three were found not to be grievable or without a grievable basis, one tenure case was not pursued while another is still in hearing, and the remaining four cases are still in progress.

Besides the various grievance cases, members of the Grievance Committee recommended changes (1) in the grievance process for tenure and promotion cases and (2) in the process for consideration of faculty for promotion and (3) worked to implement the Faculty Ombudsperson position. Changes in grievance procedures for tenure and promotion cases have been under discussion for several years, and this year the President provided definitive decisions regarding the process, which is implemented under Regents Rules. Insuring that junior faculty who have not been recommended for promotion have the opportunity to make the case that this decision was reached in error was the second area, and changes have been made in the promotion process effective with the faculty being considered for promotion in AY2003-04. The third area of work by members of the Committee was in developing the description of the Faculty Ombudsperson position, developing a list of candidates for the position, interviewing them, and recommending one to the Provost. Unfortunately, budgetary problems prevented a Faculty Ombudsperson being appointed.

An area of discussion for some members of the Committee concerned the grievance procedures, particularly the part pertaining to a subcommittee’s consideration of the grievant’s written complaint and determining whether there is a basis for a grievance. Two points dominated the discussion: appearance of the grievant before the subcommittee and what information the subcommittee sees as it comes to its decision. More extensive discussions of these procedures are anticipated in AY2003-04.

Finally, Janet Staiger, Professor of Journalism, was elected Vice Chair of the Grievance Committee, and she will become Chair of the Committee in AY2003-2004.

I wish to extend my appreciation to those members of the committee who have given of their time and expertise during this academic year and to the members who will serve on subcommittees over the coming months.

Lynn Blais, Law Robert Jensen, Journalism
Mia Carter, English Paula Murray, Management Science and Information Systems
Alan Combs, Pharmacy David Nancarrow, Theatre and Dance
Alan Friedman, English Alba Ortiz, Special Education
Karl Galinsky, Classics Stanley Roux, Biological Sciences
Edmund Gordon, African and American Studies Lorenzo Sadun, Mathematics
Dennis Haynes, Social Work Janet Staiger, Radio-Television-Film
Kurt Heinzelman, English James Yates, Special Education

Neal Armstrong, chair

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