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A-7 University of Texas Press Advisory Committee

The University of Texas Press Advisory Committee was convened on August 29, 2002, by Michael Churgin. At this meeting, the committee elected the chair, the vice chair, and a third member of the three-person executive committee for the year. (The executive committee is empowered to act between meetings on urgent projects.) Naomi Lindstrom was elected chair, Charles Ramirez Berg, vice chair, and James Magnuson was elected the third member of the executive committee.

This particular committee has no student members because of the highly confidential nature of the materials read by committee members, especially outside reader’s assessments of the work of scholarly authors. Some of these assessments are either composed by or refer to faculty at UT Austin. The committee is made up of ten faculty members. These faculty members meet with staff members from the various departments of The University of Texas Press. The staff members present projects and provide information but have no vote.

Six meetings have been held since August 2002, and most likely three more will be scheduled between now and August 31, 2003. Forty-four book projects have been accepted by the committee.

Naomi Lindstrom, chair

This document was posted on the Faculty Council Web site, on August 20, 2003. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.