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B-2 Recreational Sports Committee

The Recreational Sports Committee is a standing University committee charged with advising on matters of policy, providing input on facility construction and expansion, hearing appeals from various councils, and promulgating regulations for participation in non-student programs. It also serves as a representative group of the campus by providing input and advice to the Division of Recreational Sports from its various constituents. The committee met seven times throughout the fall and spring semesters of 2002-2003.

In the area of facility construction, the committee participated in ongoing discussions relative to completing the Gregory Gymnasium renovation project’s final phase — the Gregory Gym Aquatics Complex. The committee was presented with the most current information pertaining to the project including the project’s history and forecast for the future. The committee was also kept abreast of the continued postponement of the project.

The committee reviewed and offered direction to the division concerning its budget request for 2003-2004. As part of this process the committee deliberated and approved the Recreational Sports budget, non-student membership fee schedule, and facility use fee schedules prior to forwarding them to the Student Service Fee Committee and Budget Office, respectively. The committee was also informed that legislation was passed last legislative session allowing for an increase in the student service fee cap from $150.00 to $250.00.

The committee reviewed and provided direction to the Division of Recreational Sports on a proposal to honor the accomplishments and contributions of Norm Hackerman to the University by naming or building a squash court space in his honor. The committee has not currently come to a final decision on how they wish to proceed with this request, but discussion continues to take place with the hope that a clearly defined plan will emerge in the future.

Other topics of discussion included the plasma screen, which was installed by the University Network in the Gregory Gym corridor as part of a pilot program to increase revenue for Recreational Sports and Student Affairs. If the decision is made to keep the plasma screen as a permanent installation, the Division will benefit from revenue generated from running commercial advertisements. The committee discussed the current budget crisis and hiring freeze and explored the possibility of funding shortages in the future.

The committee supports the Division of Recreational Sports’ goal to be central to the mission of UT Austin — to transform lives for the benefit of society — by providing education through recreation. The committee also continues to support the expanded role that recreational sports plays within the University community by hosting events and participating in University-wide functions.

Michael P. Starbird, chair

This document was posted on the Faculty Council Web site, on August 20, 2003. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.