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C-2 Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee met in October 2002 to discuss the proposed 2004–2005 academic calendars. The only issue discussed was the start of the summer session relative to the public school year, which has made it difficult for students enrolling in the Summer Freshman Class and Summer Choice programs. However, the summer 2003 classes for these students will now start one week later than previously; since this schedule is likely to be followed in the future, a change in the summer calendar appears not to be necessary.

An e-mail vote to approve or disapprove the calendar was called on April 21, 2003. As of April 30, 2003, the calendar was approved by David Parichy, Edward Odell, Colleen Fairbanks, and Sarah Tierney. There were no dissenting votes.

The proposed 2004–2005 academic calendars stand approved by the committee.

David Parichy, chair

This document was posted on the Faculty Council Web site, on August 20, 2003. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.