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C-5 Faculty Building Advisory Committee

Committee Membership

Abraham, Lawrence D., associate professor, curriculum and instruction
Bose, Henry R., professor, biological sciences
Dison, Thomas W. (vice chair), director, recreational sports
Garrison, James D., professor, English
Gilbert, Jack (chair), professor, chemistry and biochemistry
Knapp, Mark L., professor, communication studies
Leary, Daniel E., associate professor, architecture
Malina Jr., Joseph F., professor, civil engineering
Palka, Bruce P., professor, mathematics
Pravda, Bryan D., student government representative
Staas, David, student government representative
Todd, Janice S., assistant professor, kinesiology and health education
Wilson, Samuel M., associate professor, anthropology

Administrative Advisers

Clubb, Patricia L., vice president for employee and campus services
Rishling, John L., associate vice president, Campus Planning and Facilities Management
Sanders, Sidney J., assistant vice chancellor for facilities planning and construction

The Faculty Building Advisory Committee (FBAC) met on a monthly basis throughout the year. All members of the committee are to be acknowledged for their commitment of much time and energy to the activities of the FBAC.

Two new subcommittees were established to facilitate responses to issues arising with respect to the Pickle Research Center Master Plan and the Campus Transportation Plan. These subcommittees are in addition to that for the Campus Master Plan.

Committee Activities

Capitol Improvement Projects (CIP). Input regarding projects to be proposed for the biennial update of the CIP was sought from throughout campus. After analyzing the various requests, the FBAC elected not to recommend addition of any new projects to the program.
Indoor Practice Facility. This completed project, popularly known as the “Bubble,” was critiqued through an on-site inspection. The committee’s view of this facility remains one of disappointment regarding its appearance and location. A recommendation was forwarded to the President to provide more suitable signage for the facility.
Blanton Museum (Phase II). The plans for this phase of the museum project were reviewed from the standpoints of overall design and accessibility.
Seay Building. A formal critique was organized by the School of Architecture and involved participation by members of the FBAC.
PRC Project. The need for and location of a facility to house heavy seismographic equipment was assessed, and execution of this project at the PRC was recommended.
North Speedway. Following presentation of arguments regarding the permanent closure of Speedway north of 24th Street, it was recommended that this action be implemented, with the proviso that a maximum amount of on-street parking be retained.
Geological Sciences Addition. This completed project was critiqued by the committee via an on-site inspection. We were impressed by the execution of a number of design elements in this project, and the fact that the construction of additional general-purpose classroom space was included in it.
Ad hoc committees. An important responsibility of the FBAC is to provide representation on ad hoc committees involved in the programming and design phases of major construction projects, including both renovations and new buildings. We currently have active participation on committees for the following projects: Erwin Center and Basketball Practice Facility, Scarbrough Block Dormitory, Gregory Gymnasium Aquatics Complex, Guadalupe Street Reconstruction, and Experimental Science Building Renovation.

John C. (Jack) Gilbert, chair

This document was posted on the Faculty Council Web site, on August 20, 2003. Paper copies are available on request from the Office of the General Faculty, FAC 22, F9500.